Best Stress Relief Products According to Customer Testimonials

Put Self-Care First with Natural Products to Manage Stress and Tension 

September is Self-Care Awareness Month.

The great thing about self-care is it can come in manny different forms - getting a massage or facial, taking a nap, eating a heathy mean, exercising, enjoying your nightly skin care ritual, etc.

For us there is no self-care without managing the effects of stress on our mind and bodies. 

In our modern lives we are hit with an onslaught of stressors each and every day. Finding methods to help us get out of the stress cycle is a crucial part of holistic wellness.

That's why we are focusing on stress relief products as a way to practice self-care this month.

Source Vitál Apothecary offers lots of options to ease the feelings of tension and stress. We thought it would be helpful to hear from our customers about some of their favorite products to stress less.

Serene Bath & Body Oil

lady applying Serene bath & Body Oil to her neck

Best Addition to my Bath for Relaxation
"This added to my bath allows my day, week, month melt away, love this!"
- Tracey H.

Love this Oil and Use it as Aromatherapy

"I am a massage therapist and love to add this to my oils or use it as an aromatherapy before and during my massages."
- Nancy F.

Bath & Body oils are functional aromatherapy products that can be enjoyed in lots of ways inside and outside of the bathroom.

Our special formula is made with pure essential oils blended with nourishing, high quality botanical oils. It is safe and effective to use directly on the skin or added into a bath.

The magic is all in our proprietary Serene Essential Oil Blend of Lavender, Sage and Petitgrain oils that work to create a deep sense of relaxation and the ability to disconnect. 

Serene is such a calming blend some refer to it as an aromatherapy glass of red wine because it is so good at letting the mind and body unwind from a stressful day.

Ways to Relax with Serene Bath & Body Oil:

  • Create a calming aromatherapy bath
  • Keep next to your bed and massage 5-10 drops into your upper chest before going to sleep
  • Breathe in the aroma directly from the bottle to promote a sense of tranquility
  • Use as a body oil to moisturize the skin and calm the mind

Lavender Cleanser

Lavender Facial Cleanser by Source Vital

Love this cleanser!
"This is the most wonderful cleanser. It is light, not too foamy, and that soothing lavender scent is divine."
- Mali C.

As we mentioned above skin care is a great way to get in a little self-care.

The ritual of caring for the skin is not only good grooming it is a part of the wind down routine that sends signals to the body that it is time to chill out.

Plus, we've engineered aromatherapy benefits into most of our products so that washing your face provides holistic benefits for your whole self - skin, mind, body and spirit.

In the case of Lavender Cleanser it is the universally loved scent of Lavender Essential Oil. The smell of lavender as well as its physical properties help to promote a sense of calm that soothes the feeling of tension and anxiety.

Then there is the actual feel of this cleanser. The creamy, milky quality feels cooling and gentle on the skin. It rinses off easily and leaves the face feeling clean and hydrated.

No scrubbing or harsh ingredients to kill that peaceful vibe.

Lavender Body Lotion

woman's back and lavender body lotion by source vital

Smells Glorious
Relaxing, divine!"
- Marjee T.

I Love This Lotion!
The Lavender body Lotion smells wonderful! It is light weight and adsorbs quickly. It leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. Highly recommend!"
- Carolyn J.

After washing the day away with the Lavender Body Lotion its time to pamper the body with the silky-soft Lavender Body Lotion.

Made with that same soothing Lavender Essential Oil and a combination of other skin-loving ingredients such as Shea Butter, Algae extract, and a trio of Camellia, Abyssinian and Argan oils, this lotion blankets the skin with comforting hydration and a soothing scent that immediately starts to put the mind and body at ease.

Plus, Lavender Essential Oil is safe to use on babies and young kids, so use it at night to give your little ones a good night's sleep.

Tranquil MultiSpray

Tranquil aromatherapy multispray by source vital

Tranquil Spray
It really makes you relax and fall asleep. I love the smell. It's very comforting."
-Cassie P.

It's important your self-care rituals feel like an escape rather than a chore. Our MultiSprays are an easy and effective way to change your environment and set a relaxing mood.

Tranquil is one of our most popular MultiSprays. Made with a healthy does of deliciously calming essential oils such as Lavender, Marjoram and Blue Tansy, this MultiSpray is a quick way to take a break from anything that's stressing your out.

How to Enjoy Tranquil MultiSpray:

  • Use as a calming linen spray before bed
  • Keep in the car to enjoy some aromatherapy on-the-go
  • Love the scent? Try it as a personal body spray 

Our exclusive Tranquil scent is also available in our Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Roll-On and Tranquil Aromatherapy Inhaler, Tranquil Essential Oil Blend (see more below) and Tranquil Aromatherapy Candle.

Stress Relief Body Wash

Stress Relief Body Wash by Source Vital

Escape from Reality
Hands down my most favorite body wash. The smell calms me down and makes me feel for even a moment, like everything is going to be ok."
- Evelyn B.

This customer review for Stress Relief Body Wash really says it all. Our special Stress Relief blend has a lively, fresh scent that helps to invigorate the senses when you are overwhelmed by work or life in general.

When added to our 90% organic Body Wash, your daily shower or bath is transformed into a spa like experience. The heat and steam of the water help to gently infuse your space with the aroma while your body is cleansed and refreshed.

You can find this incredible stress busting essential oil blend in our Stress Relief Bath & Body Oil, Stress Relief Essential Oil Roll-On, Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend, and is the scent featured in our cult classic Silt Scrub body exfoliant. 

Euphoria Natural Elixir

Euphoria Natural elixir by Source Vital

Euphoria is a Godsend!!
"Just inhaling the aroma takes me into a calmer state and yet I always dab a bit on my pulse points to make the most of my transition from anxious or tired to calm and collected!"
- Anne Jackson

Really Helps Me to Sleep
"Friends were raving about how [Euphoria] helped them sleep. Me too... definitely helps you to get a good night's rest."
- Barbara W.

Euphoria, by definition, is an uplifted state of being. Who doesn't want more of that? 

As a part of our natural elixirs collection, Euphoria is a complex aromatic blend of Lemon, Geranium, Vetiver, Jasmine, St. John's Wort and Valerian Root.

This combination works to have an immediate effect on the psyche, soothing the soul and easing the feel of stress-related responses in the body.

Inhale or massage into pulse points to take the edge off and find a place of balance.

Tips on How To Use Euphoria Elixir:

  • Wear as a perfume on pulse points - behind the ears, on wrists, base of treat and over the heart
  • Add 1-2 drops in palm of hand, rb together and cup hands under the nose and take deep, slow breaths
  • Infuse 1-2 drop in an AC filter to scent the home

Try Euphoria in our easy-to-use dropper bottle or rollerball.

Tranquil Essential Oil Blend

relaxed looking woman smelling source vital essential oil

Very relaxing
"Perfect light scent for my yoga room or during spa treatments."
- Leslie S.

Essential oils are a quick and easy way to change the mood and the environment in your surroundings just by taking some deep breaths. 

The Tranquil Essential Oil Blend features classic oils known for inducing relaxation like Lavender, Blue Tansy and Clary Sage. For this blend we have also added exotic Sandalwood, patchouli and Jasmin to offer a deeper, more grounded feeling of tranquility.

Use this blend in an aromatherapy diffuser anytime you want to surround yourself with a gentle feeling of peace and give the mind, body and soul a chance to let go.

Do take some caution when using this oil blend. It is made from 100% pure essential oils and must be diluted with a carrier oil or lotion before using topically on the skin or in the bath.

Renew Bath Salts

woman smells renew bath salts by source vital

Love These Bath Salts
"I love the smell and how I feel after my bath. So peaceful."
- Odessa M.

We have mentioned bathing several times during our discussion of self-care practices. The art of bathing goes back centuries and is connected to the idea that there is healing powers in water. 

The feeling of floating, being weightless from anything that may be weighing you down and the sense of purification after a cleansing bath can have a powerful effect on our whole self.

Renew Bath Salts are a great way to enjoy the benefits of bathing while helping to rejuvenate the body with a sense of detoxification.  

Dead Sea Salts, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Peppermint essential oils combine for a warming, spicy aroma that brings a renewed lightness and purity to mind and body.

Use after an illness to feel refreshed or to after over indulging with a lavish meal and drinks to banish uncomfortable bloating, or anytime you need a pick-me-up.

No time for a bath (or you don't have a bath tub)? Use Renew Bath Salts as a foot soak.

Do you have a favorite Stress Relief ritual? Let us know in the comments below! 

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