The Source Vital Apothecary Story - Our Approach to Modern Apothecary

The Source Vitál
Apothecary Story

Our Approach to the Modern Apothecary
Source Vital Apothecary Skin and Body Care Products


Personalized Natural Products for the Skin, Body, and Spirit

Personalized and Customized Skin Care

Adopt a personalized at-home skin care practice that fits your lifestyle. Use customized products made specifically to fit your unique skin care needs or use our pre-formulated products aimed at specific skin types or body function.

Clean, Natural Ingredients

Loving, daily maintenance and fabulous natural, clean ingredients made from seaweed, plant and vegetal extracts, and essential oils.

Healthy, Soft Looking Skin

Soft, supple, healthy looking skin and the confidence in knowing you are naturally keeping the signs of aging at bay – not harsh, synthetic ingredients or scary procedures needed (unless you are into that).

Our Personalized Approach

We’re passionate about helping you develop a skin and body care routine that works best for you – maybe that’s a comprehensive program or a simple cleanse and moisturize ritual. The choice is yours. With clean, safe, natural products blended from pure essential oils, mineral-rich seaweeds and delicious, high-quality botanicals, you’ll look forward to that moment first-thing in the morning or just before bed when you get to enjoy your new self-care routine.

A Modern Apothecary

Apothecaries were the first wellness centers. Long before doctors’ offices and insurance plans, people would look to their natural pharmacist at their local apothecary to mix up a plant-based remedy for a variety of common ailments and illnesses.

We’ve come a long way from an apothecary’s natural elixirs, but we still believe in the wisdom in the personalization of their potions and use of nature to improve health. As a modern apothecary, Source Vitál’s products are formulated from family recipes and decades of industry knowledge. Everything is handcrafted in-house, in small batches, using only the best natural ingredients. And, just like those traditional apothecaries, our solutions are customized for you. Think of us your personal potion maker! Source Vitál is truly your modern apothecary.

Quality Natural and Clean Skin and Body Products Since 1989
Personalized and Customized Skin Care Products
Custom Bath Salts from Source Vital
Clean, Natural, and Organic Ingredients for Effective Skin Care, Bath & Body, and Aromatherapy Products

The Source Vitál Difference

Our Ingredients

Seaweed and Algae Powders

Clean, Safe, Non-Toxic & Cruelty Free Ingredients ~ Learn More

You can trust Source Vitál Apothecary to only use the best natural ingredients. You will never find any synthetics, harsh chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or other toxins in our formulations. And we never test on animals!

Facial Skin Care Products for Normal Skin Type

Mission & Philosophies

Why do we do what we do? And keep keeps us on this path of health and wellness on the outside and the inside. Learn more about our mission and philosophies.

Source Vital Ingredient Guarantee and No No List

Ingredient Guarantee

Learn more about what goes in our products ~ including seaweeds, botanicals and essential oils. Plus, check out what will never go into our product line. Read our Ingredient Guarantee.

Read Source Vital's Ingredient Glossary

Ingredient Glossary

From Abyssinian Oil to Ylang Ylang essential oil, get detail information about our primary ingredients and why they were chosen. Check out our Ingredient Glossary.

Source Vital, the definition of holistic health and wellness.

source vitál (sohrs vee-tawl) n.

the origin of well-being and health; bringing energy and liveliness; positively affecting the existence of life.
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Professional Spa-Quality Results

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