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Make Your Own Bath Salts

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Elevate and take control of your bathing experience! Turn your bath into something customized and productive when you make your own bath salts. It's simple. First, choose your scent (Lavender?) or function (got sore muscles?). Then, simply add bath boosters, such as algae powder or himalaylan salts to make your bathing experience even more luxurious and powerful. Get started below.

Add 1/4 cup to warm bath. Soak for 20 minutes. Pat dry and finish with a Source Vitál body lotion or moisturizer.

Custom Bath Salts Ingredient List

Formulated for an exceptionally scented bath or active, effective concoction to battle specific issues.
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2.00 PER - Make your bath even more effective by adding a bathing soak booster.
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Customize Your Luxurious Bathing Experience with Your Own Bathing Salt Soak
Make Your Own Bath Salts to Fit Your Lifestyle and Needs
Make Your Own Bath Salts
Customize Your Bath Salts - Choose Your Natural Ingredients