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Make Your Own Facial Mask (DIY)

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This DIY Kit Makes 4 Facial Skin Care Masks

Ever used a facial mask and wondered 'why did I do that... it didn't do anything'? Was the mask formulated specifically for your skin and any concerns that you may be experiencing? Your skin isn't like everyone else's so why use a facial mask formulated for everyone?

With our MAKE YOUR OWN MASK, you select which products and ingredients best fit your skin. When your selections are mixed with our Seaweed Powder base and Vital Extracts blend, this mask will give you the most effective solution for your skin and its issues. Use once or twice weekly and mix at the time of use.

It is simple! Make your selections below and we will ship your customized kit to you. You can quickly begin to experience the best in customized skin care.

This Make Your Own Mask / DIY Kit contains enough ingredients for you to make 4 masks. Make sure to only mix the proper amount of ingredients at the time when you're going to apply the mask. It is recommended that you make and apply this mask once per week.

How to Apply and Remove Your Mask Plus Ingredient List


These serums combine powerful essential oils and pure botanicals to assist with a variety of skin types and issues. Improve your skin’s appearance with these blends.
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Add an optional exfoliant to your mask to simplify your routine. Additional $3.
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Include an added boost of potency by including personalized "shots" in your concoction. Shots are optional and cost $4 or $5 each.
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Make Your Natural Facial Mask for the Best in Customized Skin care
Make Your Own Mask with Seaweed Powder, Botanicals, and Essential Oils
Make Your Own Natural Face Mask for the Best in Customized Skin Care
Add Your Selections, Such as Lavender Tansy, to Your Customized Mask