For Aging Skin

Magic happens with Source Vitál’s Aged Skin Kits. Mature skin will become renewed. High levels of alginic acids found in our algae work to improve the elasticity of the skin. New skin cells are produced. Specifically chosen essential oils increase oxygen, circulation, and tone to your skin. This is anti-aging at its best!

Aging, mature skin becomes demineralized through the years. Contributing factors to aging are stress and diets that lack the nourishment that our bodies need. From a skin care approach, the utilization of products that contain algae and essential oils are just what is needed to combat aging. Algae feed the skin, with the minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes that our tissue needs to be healthy and to reproduce new skin cells.

With continued use of the Source Vitál Aged, Mature Skin Regimen, we guarantee your skin will be renewed. Balance will occur in the hydration of your skin, both in oil and water. Skin tone will be more youthful and even. Your skin will defy age!