Mission & Philosophies

Source Vital Mission and Philosophies

Company Philosophy

Source Vitál reaches to the core of nature to harvest natural elements from the ocean and from the Earth's vegetal roots, foliage and flowers. Our products represent a return to nature, to the Earth, as our true source of nourishment. We are all a part of the same source. The chemical elements of man are the same chemical elements as the dust of the Earth, the ocean and the stars. Trace elements and minerals are the natural elements which sustain our electrolytic balance and magnetic energy. The complete balance of our mind and body represents health and wellness.

"Vitality and beauty are gifts of nature for those who live according to its laws. "  - Leonardo Da Vinci

Source Vitál is dedicated to holistic skin and body care. We recognize the skin as a major organ of the body, a mineral organ responsible for defending internal organs from invading microorganisms. The skin also acts as a sense organ which responds to touch, climate and environment. The messages the skin receives are a part of patterning and forming our inner thoughts and physical responses. Correct and effective skin care is a vital part of sustaining balance and well-being. Our philosophy is based both on European spa therapies and Chinese medicine teaching. We combine the best of East and West to achieve result-oriented products to assist in the integration of body, mind and spirit for each individual.

Product Philosophy

Source Vitál believes in the wisdom of nature. We blend seaweeds, essential oils and plant extracts together to produce an effective skin, body and spa care line. We know that nature provides gifts in the form of food, air, and water. With this knowledge, Source Vitál combines these gifts of the Earth as gifts to the skin and body. We feel this is accomplished by encouraging balance--internally and externally. For years, our passion has been to provide holistic skin and body products of integrity.  We believe when the skin and body are balanced with holistic products, the mind and spirit align. Natural aromatic essential oils are consistently at work on all the body’s systems and tissues. The right side of the brain—the limbic system--responds favorably to aromatherapy, and the mind and spirit are empowered. The Source Vitál product line offers a variety of choices to meet your needs, as well as easy and pleasant to use. Benefits include improved skin and body appearance, increased feelings of well-being, enlivened spirit and soothed mind. Knowledge is the wisdom, and growth can empower you. Source Vitál is dedicated to exposing our world to health and beauty through understanding, knowledge, and products that make a difference to your world.  

Body Care Approach

Cleansing, in the form of detoxification, is one of the most valuable tools for working with the body. Remineralizing is also important as it relates to bringing in the necessary nutrients needed to maintain healthy tissue and organs. Product application through massage, bathing or internal supplementation are essential when detoxifying and remineralizing. We believe you must work with the body internally to affect the external and vice versa. Seeing the entire body as a whole is the basis of our holistic philosophy.  

Skin Care Approach

We view skin as an organ of elimination and as the largest organ in the body. We also know the skin is exposed to the environment, harsh products and toxins-- both internally and externally. Through our extensive product line, Source Vitál's goal is to help you chose the program that is perfect for your skin and lifestyle:

  • detoxify by stimulating local circulation
  • eliminate toxins affecting the skin and the digestive system
  • add vital nutrients to the skin topically and internally
  • cleanse and stimulate the skin on a deeper level through the use of seaweed and aromatherapy.

Social and Environmental Philosophy

We care about you and we care about the earth. It's not only crucial that we connect to the Earth for its healing powers, but we must also protect it. Source Vitál takes great pride in being as environmentally friendly as we can be. Here's how:

  • We only work with partners and vendors that share our philosophy on natural ingredients.
  • We practice an internal recycling program for all plastic, glass, paper, etc.
  • Our facility is powered by renewable energy
  • We practice energy conservation through internal processes and technology
  • Our product packaging comes in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles or high-density polyethylene (HDPE), also known by the recycling codes #1 and #2 respectively. These are accepted by most curb-side recycling pick-ups.
  • We use Energy Star certified appliances where possible.