For Acne Skin

Tired of all the harsh, chemical acne products? How about a natural approach? Active and effective, these products for acne and blemishes supply daily nutrition deep cleansing, and exfoliation that results in harmonious skin that has a healthy, even-toned appearance.

Acne is a skin condition that is physically and emotionally challenging. Not only does it affect a person’s physical appearance, but often his or her self esteem. Acne is caused by a variety of factors such as imbalances in the hormonal and/or digestive systems of the body. Other contributing issues that aggravate these imbalances include:

  • Stress
  • Poor immune system function
  • Lack of an effective skin care regimen
  • Using the wrong type of skin care and cosmetics
  • Consistent contact pressure (hands on the face, phones pressed on the face)
  • Unhealthy work environments
  • Poor diet and nutrition

Whether you're dealing with follicular or systemic acne, it is imperative that a consistent skin care regimen be followed. For positive results, one must commit to an effective twice-daily cleansing regimen and regular exfoliation of the skin to prevent the build up of dead skin cells and debris in the follicles. Adjustments in lifestyle (particularly proper nutrition) will greatly improve your skin.

Try these products or kits to get you started on your way to clear skin!

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Starter and Travel Kit for Acne & Blemish Skin Type
Acne Cleansing Starter Kit
Source Vitál Apothecary

Naturally cleanse for clear-looking skin free of acne and blemishes with this Source Vital starter kit. Cleansing is the key word for the management of acne-prone skin. This kit contains 4 products and protocol to help you with your acne skin.

Natural Anti-Acne & Blemish Facial Serum & Spot Treatment
Acne & Blemish Infusion
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $29.99

Improve the appearance of acne & blemished skin with this natural face oil. This serum uses a blend of 100% pure essential oils including Tea Tree & Lavender

Algae Deep Cleanse Deep Pore Facial Cleanser
Algae Deep Cleanse
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $14.99

This deep pore facial cleanser is formulated clean, natural ingredients including seaweed, botanicals, & essential oils. This rich paste thoroughly refreshes and cleanses deep into pores. A face wash unlike any other you've tried.

Natural Seaweed Cleanser & Exfoliant, Algae Deep Scrub - Made with Algae Powder, Rosehip Seed Powder, Essential Oils, and Bentonite & Kaolin Clays
Algae Deep Scrub
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $16.99

Seaweed-based exfoliating cleanser provides all of the deep cleaning, tingling peppermint action of you need for a balanced and remineralized complexion.

Natural Clear Skin Cream Moisturizer for oily and acne-prone skin types
Clear Skin Cream
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $26.99

This all natural facial skin cream moisturizer formulated for oily, acne-prone and congested skin types, is made with active botanicals and essential oils to cut down on shine, keeps pores clean and improve the look of blemishes.

Natural Lemon Gel Facial Cleanser for Acne, Congested, Oily Skin
Lemon Gel Cleanser
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $11.99

Inspired by the fresh scent of lemon, this gel cleanser is formulated to remove oil & pollutants. It's the perfect face wash for oily, acne & congested skin.

Pure Toning Essence, a Concentrated Natural Facial Toner for oily, acne-prone and congested skin
Pure Toning Essence
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $24.99

Improve the look of oily skin, breakouts, and acne with this natural bi-phase toning formula. This non-drying formula brings harmony to the skin while keeping pores clean.

Fango Scrub, a Natural Exfoliation Scrub for face and body to Improve Appearance of Acne, Oily, Congested Skin
Fango Scrub
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $34.99

This exfoliating scrub mixes sea clay mud, red algae kelp & essential oils to perfect an effective face exfoliator. Improves appearance of clarity & balance.

Charcoal Clay Mask
Charcoal Clay Mask
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $24.99

This natural mask improves the appearance of oily, congested & acne skin. Made from Bentonite Clay, Algae Extract, Hyaluronic Acid & essential oils.

Oil Control Infusion, Balancing Natural Formula for Oily, Acne-prone, Congested Skin
Oil Control Infusion
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $29.99

To improve appearance of oily & acne skin, try this natural serum blend of plant extracts and lemon, rosewood, geranium & grapefruit essential oils.

Sea Tonic, a Natural Hydrating & Reminalizing Facial Mist
Sea Tonic
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $11.99

A mineral-rich toning spray also hydrates your skin & gives a nourished, balanced feel to your complexion. Made of Dead Sea Salts, seaweed and aloe.

Make Your Own Skin Care Facial Kit - 4 Products
Make Your Own Skin Care Kit (4 Product Kit)
Source Vitál Apothecary

With Source Vital's Make Your Own Facial Skin Care Kit, you can select the perfect products for your skin type & concerns. Get a cleanser, serum, toner, & moisturizer.

Organic, Unrefined, Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp Seed Oil (Organic, Unrefined, Cold-Pressed)
Source Vitál Apothecary

Dubbed “nature’s most perfectly balanced oil”, Hemp Seed Oil contains an ideal mix of essential fatty acids for a nourished, moisturized feel to tired, acne, & oily skin..

Aroma Peel, a Natural Facial Exfoliant and Alternative to Harsh Glycolic Peels
Aroma Peel
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $39.99

Our natural alternative to harsh glycolic chemical peels made to gently promote healthy, youthful skin. Made solely of 100% pure essential oils.

Custom Facial Cocktail - Make Your Own Face Serum
Customized Facial Cocktail: Make Your Own Facial Serum (1 Month Supply)
Source Vitál Apothecary

Make your own natural facial serum. Combine botanicals and essential oils to develop the perfect all-in-one face oil serum for your skin.

4oz 4 Month Supply of Your Own Custom Facial Serum Cocktail
Customized Facial Cocktail: Make Your Own Facial Serum (4 Month Supply, 4 fl oz.)
Source Vitál Apothecary

Make a 4 month supply of our your very own Facial Serum Cocktail. Pick your botanicals and essential oils to formulate this most effective face serum for your skin.

Make Your Natural Facial Mask for the Best in Customized Skin care
Make Your Own Facial Mask (DIY)
Source Vitál Apothecary

Make your own natural facial mask selecting products and ingredients customized for your skin type and concerns. This box contains enough for 4 uses.

100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil from Source Vitál
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $14.99

Tea Tree's botanical is melaleuca alternifolia. Native to Australia, this oil is a popular mainstay in holistic practices & aromatherapy

Natural Face Oil Formula to Brighten, and Diminish the Look of Dark Spots, Hyperpigmentation and Uneven Skin
Luminous Infusion
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $29.99

Dark spots, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and even acne scars are the skin woes this all-natural beauty elixir was formulated to target. Formulated with active essential oils and botanicals, this face oil takes a natural approach to uneven skin tones.

Teenage Skin Care Kit daily routine for teens
Teen Skin Kit
Source Vitál Apothecary

Featuring a facial cleanser, 4-in-1 facial serum "cocktail", moisturizer, and a mask, this simple 4-step skin care kit makes caring for teen skin much simpler. Each of these products are formulated to improve the look and feel of skin that tends to be more oily and acne-prone.