For Acne Skin

Tired of all the harsh, chemical acne products? How about a natural approach? Active & effective, these products for acne and blemishes supply daily nutrition & cleansing, antibacterial toning, corrective treatment & balancing protection. Supplemented with exfoliation & a clarifying mask, they will clear your skin quickly without scary chemicals.

Acne is a skin condition that is physically and emotionally challenging. Not only does it affect a person’s physical appearance, but often his or her self esteem. Acne is caused by a variety of factors. The fundamental causes are imbalances in the hormonal and/or digestive systems of the body. Contributing factors that aggravate these imbalances can be stress, poor immune system function, lack of an effective skin care regimen, using skin care and cosmetics that congest your skin, consistent contact pressure (hands on the face, phones pressed on the face), work environments, and improper diets.

Whether you're dealing with follicular or systemic acne, it is imperative that a consistent skin care regimen be followed. For positive results, one must commit to an effective twice-daily cleansing regimen and regular exfoliation of the skin to prevent the build up of dead skin cells and debris in the follicles. Adjustments in lifestyle (particularly proper nutrition) will greatly improve your skin.

Try these products or kits to get you started on your way to clear skin!