Bath & Body Care Product Collections

Source Vitál’s approach to holistic body care is no different from facial care. We use algae, whole plant extracts, and essential oils to feed the skin and body with the vital nutrition required for good health.

Bath Oils

Source Vitál’s aromatherapy Bath Oils are more than simple bath oils.

Body Cleansers

With today’s fast paced lifestyles, our bodies work and play hard. These plant-based cleansers are gentle, yet cleansing.

Body Moisturizers

Seaweed extracts, plant emollients, and high quality essential oils are combined in a variety of mediums to suit your personal needs.

Bath Salts

Bath with salts from the Dead Sea. Try our 100% pure, unscented Dead Sea Salts or one of scented salt formulations battling a range of ailments.

Hand & Foot Care

Our hands and feet take quite a beating through the years. Potent, result-oriented products are what they deserve.

Personal Care

Personal hygiene products are a part of your every day routine.

Bath Powders & Elixirs

Our bath powders and elixirs will moisturize & tone the skin while penetrating to balance and fortify the respiratory, circulatory, and lymphatic systems.

Body Exfoliants

Regular sloughing of dead skin cells is a healthy practice.

Body Masks

For intensive body treatments, we offer a variety of masks designed to nourish and heal.

Massage Oils and Creams

Source Vital’s massage products are the most natural, chemical free available in the industry. Try a cream or an oil.



Most Popular Bath and Body Products: