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In these modern times, some look for remedies in drugs. We look to the Earth's resources of nourishment. The ocean offers perfect nutrition for us in its algae and seaweed; nourishment that the body readily recognizes and needs.

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Algae Nutrio Powder - Algae-based Powder Vitamin Supplement
Algae Nutrio Powder
Source Vitál Apothecary
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Algae Nutrio, exclusive to Source Vitál, is a whole food supplement powder formulated with four types of algae to offer complete nutrition for the skin and body. Algae Nutrio Powder is ready to add into smoothies or other prepared foods.

Tupelo Honey
Tupelo Honey
Source Vitál Apothecary

Tupelo Honey comes from the blossoms of the white Ogeechee Tupelo Trees in Georgia and Florida. A perfect ingredient for DIY face masks and an ideal replacement for sugar to use in smoothies, coffee, tea, or by itself. It’s delicious!

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Probiotics for Women  – "Lady Bugs"
Probiotics for Women – "Lady Bugs"
Ora Organic

Designed to support women's vaginal health, Lady Bugs is the right kind of bugs - Probiotics. Beyond vaginal support, these capsules helps to support digestive health and mood swings.