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In these modern times, some look for remedies in drugs. We look to the Earth's resources of nourishment. The ocean offers perfect nutrition for us in its algae and seaweed; nourishment that the body readily recognizes and needs.

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Elecampane & Thyme Cough Syrup
Elecampane & Thyme Herbal Syrup
Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen

Elecampane and Thyme herbs work together to quiet a cough and move mucus. A little Texas honey and apple cider vinegar sweeten this elixir.

Elderberry Original Wellness Syrup by J's Homemade
Elderberry Original Wellness Syrup by J's Homemade
Source Vitál Apothecary

Step up your family's wellness with J's Homemade Original Elderberry Wellness Syrup – a small-batch crafted elixir enriched with organic ingredients and raw local honey. Support your immune system naturally with the antioxidant power of elderberries and the powerful touch of honey.