Natural Products for Babies and Children

With so many scary ingredients out there, it is difficult to find safe products for your baby and small children! Source Vitál products are nourishing and protective of our babies and children. We offer a variety of products that are even safe for infants. From bathing to respiratory issues, these gentle products do not contain synthetic scents and harsh ingredients.

Lavender is the perfect aromatherapy for children and infants, making several of our body products excellent for use in the nursery and diaper bag!

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First Aid Spray, Natural, Soothing Spray for Cuts, Scrapes, Bruises and More.
First Aid Spray
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $12.95

This natural remedy is made of essential oil blends and aloe for powerful soothing of sunburn, insect bites, diaper rash, cuts and scrapes.

Natural Lavender Body Wash & Shower Gel
Lavender Body Wash
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $7.95

Wash away all your worries with this all-natural SLS/SLES-free cleanser. A blend of Lavender and Lavandin for relaxation and a light floral scent.

Natural Lavender Body Lotion Moisturizer - Paraben-Free, Natural Body Moisturizer
Lavender Body Lotion
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $11.95

The perfect go-to moisturizer for the entire family. Enriched with skin-loving lavender, this lotion gently hydrates & protects for silky-smooth skin.

All Natural, Ultra Hydrating Lavender Body Cream to relax and nourish the skin
Lavender Body Cream
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $12.95

Aromatherapy + skin care at its best! Wrap yourself in ultra comfort with this natural body moisturizer infused with 100% natural Lavender essential oil.

Spiracle Natural Elixir for Relief from Asthma and Sinus Issues
Spiracle Natural Elixir
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $22.95

For Spircale, we've blended Inula Graveolens with high quality carrier oils to make it easy and safe to use topically on the skin for common respiratory complaints.

Naturally Calming & Hydrating Body Mist with Algae Extract
Aromatic Algae Extract
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $10.95

Versatile, ultra-hydrating spray. Mist on dry skin, callused elbows & heels, rash, dermatitis, stretch marks, sunburn & much more for fast, soothing relief.

Natural First Aid Cream for Minor Burns, Rough Elbows, Bumps, Bruises
First Aid Cream
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $21.95

Use this cream for minor skin irritations, such as cuts, scrapes, burns & rashes, that need extra care. Aloe, cucumber & green tea help soothe the skin.

Natural Body Wash, Unscented without Fragrance or Essential Oils
Body Wash Unscented
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $7.95

Allergies, sensitive skin? This is SLS/SLES-free body wash is for you. Formulated with natural ingredients that gently cleanse & hydrate the skin.

Natural Body Lotion, Unscented, Fragrance-Free
Body Lotion Unscented
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $18.95

Unscented body milk makes skin feel soft & moisturized, without any irritating synthetic fragrances. Pamper yourself with skin-loving natural ingredients.

Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On
Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On
Source Vitál Apothecary

Aromatherapy rollerball featuring Lavender Essential Oil. Safe to use directly on the skin.

Natural Face Cream and Moisturizer, Unscented & Fragrance-Free
Face Cream Unscented
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $28.95

A soothing and hydrating facial moisturizing without any harsh chemicals & harmful synthetic fragrances. Great for all skin types.

Lavender Room Spray and Aromatherapy
Lavender Multispray
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $9.95

Calming and relaxing vibes with this natural Multispray. Inhale deeply to calm your nerves and focus or simply to drift off to sleep. Conquer your battle with insomnia by using our multi-use spray to freshen up your space. Also a safe, natural way to freshen your pet between grooming.