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The Amazing Benefits of Algae and Seaweed

The Amazing Benefits of Algae and Seaweed

One of the buzz words in nutrition right now is “superfood.” Colloquially, a superfood is a nutrient-dense food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Kale, salmon, broccoli, nuts, avocado and eggs all fall into the category of “superfoods.” But one that may not immediately come to mind is seaweed. READ ON >>

Free eBook - Create Your Own Skin Care Routine

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Debunking the Hype Around Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

eBook Download: Using Essential Oils in Your Life

Learn how to use essential oils to better your health and well-being. This free eBook includes tips and advice on how to use essential oils properly, DIY recipes, safety information, how to use them in your skin care routine, and much more. DOWNLOAD NOW >>