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5 Little Known Essential Oils That Are Awesome

Formerly regarded as aromatic oils, essential oils have been used by many cultures for centuries, mainly for religious or healing purposes. Today’s infatuation with essential oils focus on their aromatherapy benefits. Here are a few awesome essential oils that may not get all the rave, but are well worth your time and adoration. Read More >

Self Care Routines for Busy Moms

As a product line that was born in Sanctuary Spa in Houston, one of our passions is offering an at-home spa experience in every jar and bottle. Our professional grade formulas are designed to provide benefits that you can instantly see and feel. That means you can do more with less, saving you precious time. Read More >

Indie Beauty Expo Dallas Preview

Not only is Texas the second-largest beauty retail market in the US, it is also a hotbed of indie innovation and activity. With the inaugural Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) taking place in Dallas next week, we’re excited to be exhibiting alongside an outstanding roster that includes the industry’s best and brightest. Read More >

Love Your Feet This Spring

When is the last time you really took care of your feet? They’re typically the part of our body that we tend to ignore, and we shouldn’t. Taking care of your feet is important, and not just so they look good in your cute summer sandals. 

Keep these products and tips in mind to not only prepare your feet for warmer weather, but to give them some self-love, too.

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Unwrapped Body Wrap Part 2: The Right Body Mask for You

Summer is on our heels, so now’s the time to get your body ready for shorts, sundresses and yes, even bathing suits. In addition to exercising and eating right there are some holistic treatments that can also get you summer ready - even if you haven't kept up with all of your health goals. Read More >

Spring Clean with these Happy Oils

Spring cleaning your home doesn’t have to be done with conventional cleaners packed with chemicals. You have other options, greener options (yes, sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side). We believe in using the power of essential oils and natural botanicals to create solutions in our lives, including home cleaning. Citrus essential oils in particular have qualities that’ll clean your home without harmful chemicals getting in the way.

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