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Unwrapped Body Wrap Part 2: The Right Body Mask for You

Summer is on our heels, so now’s the time to get your body ready for shorts, sundresses and yes, even bathing suits. In addition to exercising and eating right there are some holistic treatments that can also get you summer ready - even if you haven't kept up with all of your health goals. Read More >

Spring Clean with these Happy Oils

Spring cleaning your home doesn’t have to be done with conventional cleaners packed with chemicals. You have other options, greener options (yes, sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side). We believe in using the power of essential oils and natural botanicals to create solutions in our lives, including home cleaning. Citrus essential oils in particular have qualities that’ll clean your home without harmful chemicals getting in the way.

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    Paul Colgin

Earth Day 2017 - Plant a Tree + 22% Off

This Earth Day we are planting a tree for every order from April 21 – 23. Plus, enjoy 22% off our entire product line and free shipping when you spend $25 or more. Use promo code earthday2017 at checkout.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Create Your Own Skin Care Routine

This free, comprehensive guide, brought to you by Source Vitál Apothecary and Organic Skin Care expert, Liz Thompson, will help you customize your skin care routine so that you can maximize the results from the products you use and the habits you create. Download your free e-book now! Just enter your email address and we'll deliver the guide straight to your inbox.

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DIY Natural Easter Egg Dye

The bright colors of those store-bought Easter egg dye kits are pretty to look at, but are packed with unnatural colorants. If you are looking for a more natural option, here’s a recipe for a natural egg dye that is free from any synthetic colors and totally safe to eat! Read More >

Snuffing Out Natural vs. Synthetic Fragrance

Not all fragrance is bad. Natural scents that come from plant botanicals, not only smell great but they also provide benefits for the skin, body and mind. But in the beauty, cosmetic and personal care industries, fragrance is usually synonymous with a blend of synthetic ingredients that are responsible for a host of skin irritations and allergies. Read to find out how to sniff out synthetic fragrance. Read More >

Yoga Bag Essentials

Yoga and fitness guru Lindsay McClelland spends a lot of time on the go. As a young professional who doubles as a yoga teacher, she pretty much relies on whatever is in her gym bag to make it through the day. Read on for a look inside what keeps her running from the studio to the street and wherever in between.

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Get Yours! Make Your Own Natural Facial Cocktail for a Customized and Simplifed Skin Care Routine

Have you ever wanted to completely customize your own skin care products? Are you tired of fitting your skin into someone else's box (or bottle)? Do you want to make a product that's formulated specifically for your skin type and the issues YOU face?

Now you can with Source Vitál Apothecary's customized facial cocktails.

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    Lindsay McClelland

We’re Seeing Green for St. Paddy's Day

This year, instead of overdoing it on green beer, go the healthier route by indulging in some of our favorite green products. While all of our products are natural (and therefore we like to call them “green”), these five feature green colored ingredients or are actually a green hue!

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    Lindsey Pope

The Unwrapped Body Wrap

But let’s get real, it’s a lot harder to give yourself a body wrap at home versus a professional service at the spa. The good news, there are methods that allow you to get the benefits of a body wrap without the hassle. We call it the "Unwrapped Body Wrap". Professionals call it a poultice. Read More >
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