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Get Yours! Make Your Own Natural Facial Cocktail for a Customized and Simplifed Skin Care Routine

Have you ever wanted to completely customize your own skin care products? Are you tired of fitting your skin into someone else's box (or bottle)? Do you want to make a product that's formulated specifically for your skin type and the issues YOU face?

Now you can with Source Vitál Apothecary's customized facial cocktails.

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    Lindsay McClelland

We’re Seeing Green for St. Paddy's Day

This year, instead of overdoing it on green beer, go the healthier route by indulging in some of our favorite green products. While all of our products are natural (and therefore we like to call them “green”), these five feature green colored ingredients or are actually a green hue!

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    Lindsey Pope

The Unwrapped Body Wrap

But let’s get real, it’s a lot harder to give yourself a body wrap at home versus a professional service at the spa. The good news, there are methods that allow you to get the benefits of a body wrap without the hassle. We call it the "Unwrapped Body Wrap". Professionals call it a poultice. Read More >

The Power of Serums & Face Oils

If cleansing is the single most important thing you can do for your skin on a daily basis, using a concentrated serum or face oil is a close second. The popularity of serums may be relatively new to the beauty world, but they provide a crucial element to your skin care regimen. These skin care beauties provide a wealth of healthy benefits – in one concentrated dose.

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How to Open Your Heart This Valentine's Day

To open your heart, focus on your fourth chakra — the heart chakra. Located in the middle of your chest this energy center controls your emotions related to love. When open, you’ll feel compassionate and full of grace. A closed heart chakra results in anger, jealousy, and hatred for yourself and those around you. Read More >

Rethinking Home Fragrancing: Experience the Flexibility of Our Aromatherapy MultiSprays

Forget those heavily-fragranced home sprays you find in grocery stores and home décor shops. Our amazing MultiSprays, like the name suggests, go way beyond smelling good. They offer a nearly endless list of uses for the home and office and are safe enough to use on you and your pets. Read More >

Give Your Eyes Some TLC This Month

This month we want to keep your eyes looking lovely with 15% off our luxurious eyes creams, eye makeup remover and Citrus Peel – one of the only products we know of that’s gentle enough to exfoliate the area around the eyes. Remember, exfoliation smooths rough textures, eliminates toxins and kick starts the skin’s own natural regenerative efforts.

Shop our entire Eye Love You Collection and use promo code: eyeloveyou at checkout.

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