A Facial Skin Care Primer: Find the Right Products for You

Your Natural Skin Care Primer from Source Vital - Which Products Are Right for Your Skin Type?

Not sure which products you need? Use this facial skin care primer below to help guide you to the proper products to use for your skin type. This guide tells you which product is best for you to use for morning cleansing, exfoliation, toning, nourishment, moisturizing, evening and which mask will work best. You can purchase these products individually or you can always click the appropriate shop button below and get a discount on your products by purchasing one of our protocol kits. (Unsure about your skin type? Read this.)

Source Vital equals Seaweeds, Plant Extracts and Essential Oils

Source Vitál is a line of truly natural products for skin, body, mind and spirit. Tapping into nature's healing elements, our products are formulated from seaweed, botanicals, plants extracts and infused with essential oils. Our products are free of synthetics (colorants, fragrances, preservatives), pharmaceuticals, GMOs, SLS/SLES, other harsh chemicals and we never test animals!

No Synthetics, No Petrochemicals, No SLS/SLES, Never Tested on Animals