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Spa From Home Custom Kit

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Create Your Own Home Spa Experience

Now more than ever, it's crucial that take care of yourself and your body. Stressful times calls for more awareness of what your body needs ~ and more time dedicated to it. With this collection of products, you'll select the products that are right for your skin and body.

This experience walks you through a 4 stage "at home" spa experience that includes a facial mask, a serum, a body treatment, and a great bath. Plus, you'll choose the candle scent you want to help set the mood.

So, lock yourself away, turn on some soothing music, light that candle and get started. Don't forget to take your time - you've earned it!

Start your spa night off with a luxurious and deeply penetrating facial mask.
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Elevate your spa game with a botanical-power packed facial serum. Size depends on selection.
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Apply one of active and amazing body treatment products, whether it's for a massage or you're making your own wrap!
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End your home spa experience with a good, no great, bath!
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Set the mood with the right aroma! Soy and lead free and made by Source Vital partner, Makana Candles.
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Elevate your home spa experience with more products and steps! prices vary.
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