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Ritual bathing is as ancient as the early Roman Empire. Ritual Bathing is the art of turning your bath time into an extraordinary experience of relaxation, renewal, and rejuventation. Our bath salts and soaks assist with a variety of issues.

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Customize Your Luxurious Bathing Experience with Your Own Bathing Salt Soak
Make Your Own Bath Salts
Source Vitál Apothecary

With our customized bathing salt soak, you can enhance your bathing experience by selecting your scent (such as Lavender) or function (such as sore muscles/joints). Plus, you can add "bath boosters" such as algae or coconut powder for even more luxury.

Analgesic Bath Salts Scented Bath Salt for Sore Muscles and Joints
Analgesic Bath Salts
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $17.95

Dead Sea salts blended with our popular aromatic analgesic aromatherapy oils to ease the feeling of pain in sore muscles & joints.

Natural and Pure Renew Bath Salts for Detoxification & Weight Control Programs
Renew Bath Salts
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $17.95

Aromatic formulation of Dead Sea Salts infused with Cinnamon, Rosemary & Peppermint (and more) to use in detoxification & weight loss programs.

Natural Bath Salts for Relation, Serene Bath Salts
Serene Bath Salts
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $17.95

This aromatic blend of pure Dead Sea Salts infused with essential oils of Lavender, Citrus and Sage gives a relaxing & calming bathing experience.

100% Pure Dead Sea Salts, Coarse Grade
Dead Sea Salts
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $19.95

This 100% pure bath salt from the Dead Sea will relieve aches & pains and is helpful after muscle exertion with sports activities or manual labor. Dead Sea Salts Simple are also excellent for skin conditions such as psoriasis & eczema.

Algae & Dead Sea Salts Combination Bath Soak
Algae & Dead Sea Salts
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $12.95

Not your mom’s bath salts! This indulgent bath soak, formulated with beneficial Dead Sea Salts & marine algae powder, is a relaxing treat for stressed skin.

Algae Powder Blend - laminaria digitata powder & lithothamnium calcareum powder
Algae Powder Blend
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $38.95

No time for a spa day? Indulge body & mind at home with this all-natural seaweed blend. Skin feels renewed & balanced after bathing is this mineral-rich treat

Natural, Himalayan Salts for Bathing
Himalayan Bath Salts
Source Vitál Apothecary

100% pure salts sourced from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. These legendary salts are rich in therapeutic minerals that hydrate and purify the skin, protect from the feel of inflammation and soothes sore, overworked muscles.

Laminaria Digitata Algae Powder, Micronized Brown Algae
Laminaria Algae Powder
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $38.95

Healthy, hydrated skin is yours with this mineral-rich bath soak. Use to improve the appearance of cellulite & dry skin. Perfect for times of stress.

Calcareum Algae Powder, Micronized Red Alga
Calcareum Algae Powder
Source Vitál Apothecary
from $38.95

Lithothamnium Calcareum seaweed gives skin & body a renewed feel. Banish the feel of fluid retention & diminish the look of scarring for ultimate renewal.

Bath Salts + Bath & Body Oil Duo for Sore Muscles and Joints
Bath Salts + Bath & Body Oil Duo
Source Vitál Apothecary

The ultimate aromatherapy bathing experience. Nothing beats the double whammy of skin & soul pampering you get with two of our best bath & body products.

Dead Sea Salts + Natural Bath Oil Complete Set - 5 Natural Bath & Body Oils Included
Bath Salts + Complete Bath & Body Oil Set
Source Vitál Apothecary

The perfect pairing for luxurious bathing. Pure Dead Sea Salts plus a collection of natural bath oils care for the body & soul.