Source Vitál Apothecary: Best of 2019

With 2020 coming into focus we're taking a moment to look back at the best in skin care, body care and aromatherapy from the past year. 

Read on for our top-selling products, biggest product launches and most read blogs of the year.

Top-Selling Products of 2019

All Natural Facial Cleansers for every skin type by Source Vital Apothecary

When it comes to the most popular products of 2019, it looks like you all are doing a really great job of washing your face at night. Three out of the top five products are all facial cleansers. 

In all, these are must-have staples that have been top-sellers for years. 

1. Deozein Natural Deodorant - this all-natural deodorant, free from potentially dangerous aluminums, irritating baking soda and other yucky ingredients continues to be our number one seller. Using an effective combination of natural mineral salts, essential oils and algae extracts, Deozein is safe to use by the whole family.

Don't take it from us, here's one recent five-star review we received for Deozein Natural Deodorant (Original formula):

Best deodorant ever!
"This is the best natural deodorant I have found! Not only does it smell great but it works too! Sometimes for more than a couple days. I always get compliments on how I smell like patchouli!" - Dee A.

2. Algae Deep Cleanse - no surprise here, Algae Deep Cleanse is also one of those products that is consistently ranked at the top of shoppers lists. Users love the cooling tingle and this cleanser's ability to keep the skin looking and feeling healthy. 

Here's what Allison has to say about Algae Deep Cleanse:

"I'll buy this again. I love the gentle exfoliation, the invigorating small, tingly sensation, and best of all, that my skin looks and feels smooth and happy, not red or inflamed after use. My skin is highly reactive, so that's quite an achievement for a cleanser." - Alison 

3. Lavender Cleanser - this non-foamy cleanser with a milky, creamy texture is great for most skin types, especially dry, sensitive and aging skin. Featuring our delicious Lavender Essential Oil, sourced from the Provence region of France, Lavender Cleanser is a delight to use each and every day.

Get ready for compliments when you add Lavender Cleanser into your daily skin care routine:

LOOOOOOOVE this cleanser!
"It is so silky and creamy. It does a great job of cleansing and restoring natural looking skin, I have gotten many compliments since I started using Source Vitál." - Michelle L.  

4. Lemon Gel Cleanser - those struggling with oily, problematic skin are finding refuge with Lemon Gel Cleanser. The magic of this face wash comes from it's light, gel-like texture that removes dirt and grime without stripping the skin from the good oils that keep it healthy. 

Danielle, describes the amazing benefits here, in her amazing testimonial:

Best Cleanser for Oily Skin
"I have skin with large pores and it gets very oily, especially in this HOUSTON humidity and heat. This cleanser leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed. I absolutely love the way it smells and I will continue to keep buying this because it has helped my skin so much. I’ve seen less breakouts and I use this cleanser religiously. I would highly recommend to anyone suffering from oily skin or if you just like the smell of lemon and want a fresh, clean feel."
- Danielle Taylor

Algae Serum - this is a quiet superstar. With a hefty dose of skin-loving seaweed extract, moisture-locking hyaluronic acid and just the right amount of precious essential oils, Algae Serum is many of our long-time customers' secret to looking young and youthful.

Everyone needs this ...
"Have used Algae Serum for many years,  love this product. I am 75, it has helped me age gracefully." - Dana R.

Top Product Launches of 2019

Woman Applies Natural Facial Mask made by Source Vital Apothecary

New and Improved Facial Masks for Every Skin Type

We are committed to handcrafting products that not only work, but are good for you and the environment. That means we are constantly re-evaluating the performance of our existing line and trying to make improvements.

In 2019, facial masks were on the top of the list for a makeover. Instead of just making a few ingredient tweaks we took a step back to think about what type of facial masks would provide the best benefit for our customers. We researched ingredients, quizzed some of our professional clients and did a lot of internal testing.

The result was an entirely new collection of masks created to address specific skin issues and common problems.

Some, like Charcoal Clay Mask, were a pretty straightforward match to our old line, with added benefits, like activated charcoal, which is great for purifying the skin. Others, like the Ageless Algae mask were inspired by professional spa treatments, to allow you to get spa-quality results through at-home facial care.

Here's a look into the super calming benefits of the Matcha Cool Mask - keep handy for anytime you have a skin SOS!

Instant Relief!!
"So I recently got a facial and my sensitive skin did not react so well. I had red bumps all over my face and it was quite red too. This mask immediately cooled and calmed my skin. This would be great after a sunburn too!" - Helen

Facial masks are one of the easiest ways to see immediate results in your skin. Plus, they are a fun way to treat yourself to a luxurious spa day without leaving the comfort of your home.  

The 1989 Collection Honoring Our 30th Anniversary

This year all of us at Source Vitál Apothecary celebrated our 30th anniversary.

These days there seems to be new skin care and beauty lines popping up every day, so for a brand like our's we take a lot of pride in the fact that we've been around for so long.

To honor this amazing accomplishment we launched the 1989 Collection. Featuring retro labels, old recipes from the "vault" and new products inspired by old favorites, 1989 was a big hit for longtime clients and among those who are newer to the Source Vitál family.

The Rose Patchouli Body Wash was a particular stand out, and for those, like SH, who are worried, it's going to stick around for a while!

"I was not sure what to expect when I ordered this since I love the smell of roses but I am not crazy about patchouli. It arrived today and after one use it has exceeded my expectations. The smell is lovely ... you smell the roses but its not overpowering and the patchouli is there but so faint that it does not bother me at all. I hope this product comes back to stay and does not remain a limited addition. I am already planning to order another one. SV please keep this one in stock!" - SH

For fun, we took a look back at some of our old product names. They were a mix of Latin, French and other creative musings of founder Brea Gratia. Be sure to check out the video below with clients, friends and employees remembering how to pronounce some of those product names.

Make Your Own Beard and Face Oils

When talking product launches, we can't forget the introduction of Sir Vitál, our new men's line. 

The original 7-product launch included CLEANSE - a seaweed-based facial cleanser, SHAVE - a natural shave lotion, SOOTHE - a hydrating and calming aftershave lotion, CONDITION, TAME and THRIVE - beard oils and EVOLVE - a natural cologne made with essential oils.

Made with high performing natural ingredients, and streamlined into only the essentials, Sir Vitál transforms the daily grooming routine into an experience you look forward to incorporating into your morning or evening ritual.

Coinciding with "No Shave" Movember, we added custom beard oils to the Sir Vitál offerings. Similar to our other customized products, Make Your Own Beard and Face Oils are made-to-order with personalized formulas based on an individual's skin type, favorite aromatic scents, beard goals, and more. 

The custom beard oils even got a nice shout out from Natch Beauty podcast host, Jackie Johnson on her Third Annual Snatched Friday episode! Jackie is always one of our favorites, so don't forget to subscribe to Natch Beaut.

New, All-Natural Body Scrubs

 Is it time to upgrade your shower experience? We thought so too. Our new and improved body scrubs not only feature a new, moisturizing and resurfacing formula they are also packaged in a much easier to use squeeze bottle.

Perfect for use in the shower, without making any mess, these scrubs are great to buff away dry, rough skin textures. We've also added two new aromatic scents, Lavender and Mint to our classic Silt Body Scrub and Lemongrass options.

If you're ready to scrub away 2019, make sure you stock up soon!

Revamped Facial Cleansers

Our facial cleansers have long been fan favorites, just see the first section here. So, you may be thinking why mess with a good thing? Well, to make it even better.

All of our cleansers are now infused with a sustainable microalgae cleansing oil and eco-certified micellar technology that makes it easier to dissolve makeup, dirt and excess oil. This cleansing system makes it easier for the cleanser to wash away and never strip the skin from essential moisture. 

Additionally, we added more skin-loving natural botanical ingredients to our formulas to target specific skin issues. For example, the Lemon Gel Cleanser now has Elder Flower extract, Organic Matcha powder and Turmeric Root powder, which acts as powerful antioxidants to fight free radical damage, prevents the look and feel of inflammation and nourishes the skin. 

Top Blog Posts of 2019

Diverse group of women in undergarments, showing healthy skin

Education is a big part of the Source Vitál history. Using more than three decades of experience working with natural ingredients, learning about the connection between the skin, body and spirit and training hundreds of skin and body care professionals, we love imparting some of what we've learned with you, through our blog. 

Empowering others to make knowledgable decisions about caring for their skin and body is a passion. Over the past year some of the most read blogs span a wide range of topics, from which essential oils are safe to use on your pets to promoting a smoother, more toned look on the legs, hips and thighs.

Here is a peak at some of the best tips and tricks from our blog. 

How to Improve the Look of Cellulite This Year

Cellulite is a universal struggle - at least it seems to be, according the amount of searches it gets online.

The three biggest take aways from this blog are:

1. Prepare for a Lengthy Battle - It took years for cellulite to develop, so don't expect it to disappear over night. Consistency and daily treatment are the best way to start seeing an improvement in the look of cellulite.

2. Get Monthly Spa Treatments - Go to the professionals who have the best training and equipment designed to improve the look of cellulitic skin. Cellulite massages will help to eliminate fluid retention, keep the body's fluids from getting stagnant and can smooth out visible bumps. Consider getting monthly treatments for a full six months to get the best possible results

3. Develop an At-Home Cellulite Protocol - Daily and weekly maintenance is important, especially if you don't have the time or money for monthly spa appointments. Make dry brushing a priority. It will smooth the surface of the skin, encourage healthy lymphatic drainage and invigorates the senses.

Pair this with the use of creams and lotions designed to improve the appearance of cellulite, like Active Silhouette Lotion. The important thing to look for a product that is active enough to produce visible results. Active Silhouette uses a combination of highly effective natural ingredients to stimulate the feeling of healthy blood flow that will create a flushing sensation and noticeable warming of the skin. This is necessary to help the body to smooth out fat deposits and encourage the movement of bodily fluids. Just be careful to use on small areas of the body and use independently from other skin treatments. For example, dry brush before your bath, then use Active Silhouette once you've dried off. You wouldn't want to dry brush on top of this lotion.

How to Choose the Right Essential Oils for Your Pets

As a part of the family, we want to care for our pets the same way we care for other family members. However, when it comes to essential oils, there are some that can be too powerful for our furry friends. 

Take dogs, for instance. Their sense of smell is much more powerful than our own, so when using essential oils they need to be used carefully as to not over load the dog's sense of smell.

Different pets also have different tolerances, but in general, these following essential oils are considered safe to use on pets:

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Cedarwood (goodbye fleas)
  • Lemongrass (guards against mosquitos)
  • Frankincense
  • Neem

Check out the rest of the blog for DIY essential oil recipes you can use on your pet for daily care such as getting rid of fleas, preventing hot spots and cleaning pens and crates. 

8 Amazing Benefits of Avocado Oil for the Skin and Hair

Botanical oils offer countless benefits for the hair and skin. Safe, versatile and completely natural, botanical and vegetal oils should have a place in everyone's beauty routine (as far as we are concerned).

One of our favorites is Avocado oil. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it is super hydrating for both the skin and hair. 

Number three on our list of 8 Amazing Benefits of Avocado Oil highlights its ability to comfort sensitive skin. Avocado helps the body to boost collagen production, which is needed to repair weakened skin.

It also can be used to cleanse and moisturize the skin without the need to add other ingredients that can irritate delicate skin types. 

For those with easily congested skin, this blog offers an easy steam treatment to help eliminate the appearance of clogged pores. Give it a try the next time you give yourself a home facial. 

Boost Performance and Avoid Injuries With This Holistic Post-Run Recovery Plan

Our friend and frequent guest blogger, Lindsay McClelland, is a running and healthy lifestyle guru. She often contributes content about how to keep active and care for achy joints and muscles. 

Her post-run recover plan includes yoga, Sports balm for any aches and pains, massages and recovery walks with her super cute dog. 

Looking to get healthier in 2020, you'll definitely want to incorporate some of Lindsay's tips into your exercise plan. Click here for more on how she keeps herself in tip-top shape. 

12 Amazing Uses for Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Aromatherapy is a vast and fascinating world. The powerful benefits of essential oils are endless and hold tons of curiosity for professional aromatherapists and the casual at-home user. 

Blue Tansy essential oil is a rare and special oil with special calming abilities for the skin, mind and soul. In this blog we explore 12 ways that you can use Blue Tansy in your holistic practices. 

From promoting healthy breathing during pollen season to creating a deliciously luxurious aromatherapy bath, Blue Tansy deserves a spot in your essential oil arsenal. Learn about other great uses by clicking here.

Did we miss one of your favorite blogs or products? Tell us about it below in the comments section. Thanks for all your support this year, and here's to an even better 2020!

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