Find Your Heart this Valentine's Day with These Aromatherapy "Love Potions"

We live is a world that is more connected than ever, yet many still feel lonely despite the vast network of "friends" and "followers" at our fingertips.

And it's not just isolation from others, we also seem to have trouble tapping into our inner selves as well. Work, busy schedules, staying plugged in 24-7 is a reality of our day-to-day lives. Carving off me time can be challenging or seem frivolous, yet it's essential to re-estblishing the connections we are craving.

That's where self-care and aromatherapy come in handy. It's a reminder to spend some time nourishing your spirit so you can be open to cultivating meaningful experiences with others. The best part, small changes in your daily routine can make a big difference. 

Aromatherapy rollerballs to open your heart and attract love by Source Vital Apothecary

Heart Opener

The fourth chakra, also known as the heart chakra, governs our ability to build connections, and to give and receive love. Located in the center of the chest, when this chakra is out of balance feelings of resentment and loneliness can creep in. 

If your love life (or even your social life) is feeling blocked, try to work on showing yourself some loving kindness. 

That may mean taking time to journal about your feelings, treating yourself to a massage or simply spending a few extra moments during your morning or nightly skin care routine. 

Another convenient way to work on balancing that heart chakra is by anointing your pulse points with our Chakra 4 Essential Oil Roll-On.

We suggest applying it to the center of the chest and breathe in the light fragrant aroma. Made with Bergamot, Lavender, Rose, Melissa and Neroli essential oils, this aromatherapy blend promotes feelings of compassion, inner peace, acceptance, and love in the larger universal sense. 

 Use this essential oil roll-on before going on a nature walk as it will intensify the feeling of connectedness with the outside world. 

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Couple holding hands on a romantic walk


Before love comes attraction. Despite what you might think, attraction isn't just about appearance. It's more about charm and the way that you carry yourself. 

With an open heart (see above) you will begin to unlock that inner confidence needed to then open yourself up to the world and the chance of connecting with special someone. 

Use our special Attraction Essential Oil Roll-On to give you the confidence push to pursue the passions in your life. The positive energy that comes from spending time doing things that you love will spread into other areas of your life. 

This powerful aromatherapy blend includes Orange to counteract worry, Patchouli to stimulate the senses, Ylang Ylang for a self-esteem boost, and Jasmine, the number one aphrodisiac in the essential oil world. 

Assortment of love-inspired aromatherapy and skin care products by source vital apothecary

All You Need is Love

So now that you've opened your heart and boosted your confidence you are ready to embrace true, romantic love. 

Loving and allowing yourself to be loved can be a bit scary but it's what makes life worthwhile. Sometimes you gotta take that leap!

Before you do, heighten your feelings of security and self-esteem, and warm up your spirit by anointing yourself with our special aromatherapy "love potion".

Featuring Palmarosa, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary. Ginger Root and Cardamom, the Love Essential Oil Roll-On has a soft, slightly spicy, floral scent that will also energize and enhance your sexuality. Helping you to truly connect with another. 

Use before your special Valentine's outing or anytime you are sharing time with your loved one to keep your love burning throughout the night! Not in a couple, that's totally good, this love potion will comfort and remind you that love is out there. 

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