How to Open Your Heart This Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, bring awareness to your heart.

The process of opening your heart can be an emotional and vulnerable journey, but finding a more open heart, both physically and emotionally, will allow you to deeply share your love. Of course, part of the heart opening process is learning to love yourself.

Acknowledging self-love gives you greater access to sharing and receiving love and affection. Could you ask for a better Valentine’s Day gift than that?

To open your heart, focus on your fourth chakra — the heart chakra. Located in the middle of your chest this energy center controls your emotions related to love. When open, you’ll feel compassionate and full of grace. A closed heart chakra results in anger, jealousy, and hatred for yourself and those around you.

Open your heart chakra with these five tips:

  • Meditate: During your daily meditation, chant the Buddhist mantra (prayer) “Om mani padme hum” to evoke love and compassion. Try meditating outdoors and allow the calming sense of nature to bring even more awareness to your heart.
  • Yoga: Heart opening postures like camel pose, cow/cow, or upward facing dog all aid in opening the physical area around the heart.
  • Aromatherapy: Apply 1 or 2 drops of our Chakra 4 oil directly to your upper chest, palms, or pulse points to bring a feeling of love and compassion to your mind and body.
  • Journal: Take the time to write down your emotions and feelings or even write a list of all the people you love or have loved. Journaling about love and forgiveness can help connect you to your highest self.
  • Share the love: Perform a random act of kindness for a stranger. Sharing the love through an open display of empathy is one of the sweetest ways to open your heart.

As you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, enjoy the feelings and emotions a true open heart offers. Allow yourself to fully give and receive as much love as you deserve. You’re worth it!


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