A Skeptics Journey To Loving Aromatherapy & Natural Products

I never thought that I would end up loving essential oils and holistic products – here we are today. 

My name is Matt, I’m the type of person who is pragmatic, logical, and looks at proven sciences as a source of my reasoning.

I started working with the marketing team here at Source Vital in the beginning of February. Out of the kindness of their hearts, they sent me a care package of products to welcome me and get me well acquainted with their line. 

I have always been skeptical of holistic healing and the sort, but I am here to admit that I will never turn down free items. Remember, I'm pragmatic!

While I'm open minded to some woo woo stuff, it has always been easy to shrug off essential oils as nothing more than new age hype. Curious, I opened my box of new products to discover a variety of aromatherapy oils, face and body washes, various scrubs and a natural shaving cream. 

Let me be the first to tell you, this stuff works. 

Tapping into my analytical side, I decided to try out the products in chunks  using only a few at a time.

Trial #1: Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Rollerball for good sleep

My first trial brought me face to face, or rather nose to nose into the world of aromatherapy.

I typically have some problems maintaining a relaxed posture during the day, and can struggle to fall asleep come nighttime, so they sent me some aromatherapy roll-ons  Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On and Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Roll-On.

The Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On is pretty much your basic Lavender Essential Oil blended together with some carrier oils, to make it easy to use in a convenient rollerball.

It smells like your typical lavender scent - a little herbal and lightly floral.  

Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Roll-on is also primarily lavender-scented and also features Blue Tansy Essential Oil. This blend was designed specifically to encourage a sense of calm that can help you get ready for bed. 

I noticed an immediate impact with the scents (that whole idea of a scent triggering signals in the brain was actually looking more realistic).

Lavender really was helping me keep calm during the day, and the Sweet Dreams roll-on was actually starting to play a major role in improving my sleep.

Trial #2: Matt’s “Not Beard” Oil

Custom Beard Oil and hair oil by Sir Vital

Next, I moved on to some of the other oils that were sent to me – a customized beard oil and the Stress Relief Bath & Body Oil

I cannot grow a beard (I am cursed by genetics), but I have been growing my hair out since quarantine started last March, and by now it ig getting fairly long.

Since I have the aforementioned issue with growing a beard, with the help of my marketing manager I decided to go for an unconventional route and try using the beard oil to care for my hair – it’s still hair right?

The Custom Beard Oils allow the user to choose ingredients, scents and functions they need to groom and take care of their facial hair.

For my custom oil, I worked with Source Vitál to choose options that would work best for my hair. Mainly I was looking to tame any frizziness, promote growth and keep my hair soft. 

Matt’s Custom “Not Beard” Oil Recipe:

  • GROW - for healthy growth
  • SOFTEN - for manageability and tame frizz
  • NORMAL SKIN - to nourish and protect my scalp
  • LAVENDER TANSY - to compliment the other calming aromatherapy I was trying out
  • ARGAN - for vitamins and antioxidants
  • SWEET ALMOND OIL - for moisture and to promote thickness 

This hair oil actually worked for me, even thought it was not technically designed for the hair on the top of my head.

It helped improve the shine and calmed the frizziness of it. Overall, my hair felt healthier. 

Tip: I learned the hard way – start with just a few drops of the hair or beard oil and work it in from the ends of your hair, rather than applying it close to the roots. This will prevent your hair from looking greasy. 

Click here to Make Your Own Beard Oil. This would also be an awesome, personalized gift for the guys in your life.

Trial #3: Stress Relief Oil

The Stress Relief Bath & Body Oil was incredible for relaxation purposes. It went quite well with the Sweet Dreams roll-on for getting me to calm down before bed. 

Trial #4: Natural Deodorant

Deozein Cedrus Natural Deodorant

By this point, I was excited to try all the remaining products, as I was seeing real results! 

After aromatherapy products, I moved on to the Deozein Cedrus Natural Deodorant Roll-On.

Initially I noticed that it is certainly a different experience from traditional deodorants, as it is a liquid roll-on rather than a solid stick, like the deodorant I am used to using. 

I also noticed the scent is quite different as well. Deozein is made with a combination of mineral salts, seaweed extract and pure essential oils, so it smells like real plants, something you might find in nature, rather than a perfume or “Cool Mountain” fragrance that’s typical with men’s deodorants.  

Admittedly, I was a bit concerned about trying a natural deodorant. And I was cautioned that it may take the body some time to adjust to a formula that isn’t created specifically to block your sweat glands.

As warned, iIt does takes a while to build up, as you body goes through a sort of detox process (you can read all about that here), but once my body got used to the natural products, I started to smell better than traditional deodorants. 

Trial #5: Natural Skin Care and Body Products

Sir Vitál all natural facial cleanser

Lastly, I used the remaining skin care, bath and body products, starting out with a scrub.

Fango Scrub

The first facial product I tried was the Fango Scrub, a product that is actually good for the face and the body - guys do love a 2-in-1!

It is made from dead sea mud, algae extracts and essential oils and is supposed to be for skin that is prone to acne or can get blackheads and other congestion in their pores.  

I was reluctant, as I am pretty happy with my daily face wash and I am lucky enough to have pretty good skin.

The Fango Scrub made my face feel like it was breathing as it opened up my pores, which I didn't even know were clogged. My skin felt soft and smooth and looked more healthy.

Tip: Here, I will offer another tip. The Fango Scrub is pretty thick and can dry quickly on the skin. Keep it in the shower, or apply it to your skin and leave it on while you bathe, then rinse it off at the end of the shower. This makes for a quick and easy way to remove the scrub.


The next facial product was CLEANSE, a daily Algae Cleansing Face Paste from the Sir Vitál men's line.

I used the cleanser first-thing in the mornings. It made me feel energized for the day ahead and made my skin feel less drowsy too as the mind and body were waking up.  

Sir Vitál SHAVE

Another Sir Vitál product I got to try was the Sir Vital SHAVE Natural Shaving Cream, which was totally non traditional, more like a creamy gel than your standard foaming cream.

It gave a cooling sensation and helped my skin feel smoother afterwards, certainly a refreshing shave. 

Silt Body Scrub

Lastly, I used the Silt Body Scrub, which made my skin feel completely exfoliated and clean   which is nice, considering that most male-marketed body washes don't do a whole lot for your skin. 

 Final Thoughts & Some DIY

nighttime aromatherapy ritual

Nearing the end of my trial of using holistic, all-natural products, I am here to tell you my final reflections  they actually work. 

My first problem, trouble sleeping, has improved substantially by these products, even leading me to develop a nighttime ritual that gets my mind and body ready for sleep.

I also noticed great benefits for skin and hair.

For my hair, the beard oil was surprisingly effective, successfully taming it in the Houston humidity, and the skin products actually left my skin feeling fresh and breathable for the first time. 

Because I am a nice guy, I will share my aromatherapy bedtime ritual with you.

Matt’s Nighttime Ritual

Step 1: Enjoy a cup of chamomile tea.

Step 2: Apply Stress Relief Bath & Body Oil to my lower back (near the adrenal glands).

Step 3: Light a candle.

Step 4: Apply Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Roll-On to my wrists and upper chest area.

Step 5: Lay down, read a book, journal, meditate or relax for a good night’s rest. 

Step 6: Don't forget to blow out your candle before going to sleep!

These products undoubtedly changed my stance on the all-natural, holistic lifestyle. It is not B.S., it is definitely worth a try, and it actually helped solve some ongoing issues that I experience in with my everyday life.

For any skeptics out there, from one of your own, it is worth the try.















Matt Leigh, Marketing Intern Source VitalMatt Leigh is interning as a digital marketing assistant for Source Vitál. He has worked in marketing for the past two years as a videographer while working in the entertainment industry. He loves spending time with his family and friends and is excited to start his career.



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