How You Can "Invest in the Planet" This Earth Day

In celebration of the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day, Source Vitál is continuing to step up to do our part in helping the planet. This year, the Earth Day theme is “Invest in Our Planet” and we are ensuring that we are helping to do just that. We believe that now is the time to act with courage to preserve and protect our health, the people we care about, and our livelihoods. 
Our brand is deeply inspired by Mother Earth, and we are proud to feature the best natural ingredients our planet has to offer. Undoubtedly, Earth Day is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate, and we are passing the festivities on to you!
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As a part of our yearly Earth Day promotion, we will also plant a tree through One Tree Planted for every order placed during the sale. You can read more about One Tree Planted here.

We are proud to do our part to preserve Mother Earth. Here are a few more things we are doing as a brand (and that you can do!)  to ensure we are investing in our planet.

man holding plastic from the ocean

Our New Partnership With CleanHub

Most recently, we have partnered with CleanHub, which empowers brands to minimize their plastic footprint. Through a global network of collection hubs, CleanHub collects plastic before it reaches the ocean and safely processes non-recyclable plastic.

Our favorite part of our partnership is that we are able to monitor our impact report in real-time, and then share it with you! Here's our link so you can follow our journey. 
You can read more about CleanHub here. 

Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Surface Cleaners

There’s no better time to embrace Spring Cleaning, and to use safe, natural, and clean products while doing it! DIY cleaners are a breeze to make at home, using minimal ingredients, and not to mention- way better for the environment. 

Read more about making your own surface cleaners here.

Recycle, or Better Yet, Upcycle

Feel good knowing we always use environmental-friendly packaging that is accepted by most curbside recycling pick-ups or bottled in glass containers that can easily be reused at home.

We love “upcycling” our glass bottles as apothecary-chic vases for fresh flowers, or jars for holding trinkets, bobby pins, or spare change!

Find out more ways to recycle your beauty products here.

At Source Vitál, the Earth is the inspiration at the heart of our entire collection. From the oceans to the plants that grow from its rich soil, the earth provides us with an abundance of gifts.

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