Happy Birthday, Aquarius! (January 20-February 18)

Happy Birthday Aquarius!
Despite “aqua” in the name, and being associated with the water bearer, Aquarius are actually air signs. The water bearer is depicted as a healer, delivering water, or life to the land, and represents imagination, and originality. This makes perfect sense, as Aquarius babies are known as the dreamers of the zodiac. 
Aquarians are natural humanitarians, fiercely loyal, with an intense desire to help others and inspire change. They are also fiercely independent, creative, free-spirited, and are deeply sensitive. 

Source Vital’s must-haves for the Imaginative Aquarian 

Aromatherapy to Support Your Sign

To complement the progressive, unselfish nature of Aquarians, we recommend reaching for our Patchouli Essential Oil Roll on to assist with grounding those more lofty ideas, or our Cypress Mint Roll on to encourage the energy needed to keep on dreaming. The convenient, on-the-go packaging allows you to take your desired scent with you, wherever you go. We recommend applying to your pulse points to stimulate the imagination and simultaneously keep your head out of the clouds. Try it as your signature scent!

Additionally, you can try diffusing our DIY Aquarius Essential Oil Blend, combining with a carrier oil of your choice (we love safflower oil), or unscented lotion to support your sign all day long. 

Aquarius Essential Oil Blend

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
2 drops Patchouli Essential Oil
2 drops Cypress Essential Oil

Feel free to play with the number of drops from each oil you use to customize this blend to your liking.

Tranquil Aromatherapy Candle

Humanitarian-loving Aquarians are always doing for others, so it’s always nice to remind them to slow down and take care of themselves, as they do for others. Treat them to our Tranquil Aromatherapy Candle, that not only looks gorgeous, but is enhanced with our Tranquil Essential Blend, designed to help lull you to a relaxing state, and give you the sweetest dreams. 
Even better? This candle will appeal to the compassionate side of any Aquarian as it is sustainable, eco-friendly, and supports a fellow Houston and woman owned business, Wyatt-Vanin designs. 

Make Your Own Facial Mask Kit

Appeal to an Aquarian’s creative side by giving them something do-it-yourself, while helping them indulge a little bit as well. Enter our Make Your Own Facial Mask Kit. 

Our DIY kit makes 4 facial masks, geared toward’s the recipients skincare concerns and desires, and comes with everything needed to concoct your creation, and channel your inner mad scientist. We recommend applying your mask once per week for best results.

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