Essential Oil Spotlight: Chamomile's Timeless Elegance and Healing Touch

Chamomile Essential Oil, derived from the fragrant blossoms of the chamomile plant, is renowned for its soothing properties and a wide array of potential benefits. With a history dating back centuries, this aromatic oil has captured the attention of wellness enthusiasts, herbalists, and aromatherapy practitioners alike. 

Let’s delve into the origins, history, and benefits of Chamomile Essential Oil while spotlighting the differences between Chamomile German, Chamomile Roman, and Chamomile Mixta.

Three chamomile flowers in a row against a blue sky.

Origins and History

The Chamomile plant is native to parts of Europe and Asia. It's characterized by its delicate, daisy-like flowers and its gentle, apple-like aroma. The use of Chamomile dates back to ancient times, with both the Egyptians and the Romans valuing its medicinal and cosmetic properties.

Chamomile Essential Oil is typically extracted through steam distillation of the flowers, yielding a concentrated oil that retains the plant's therapeutic compounds. The two most well-known varieties of Chamomile used for essential oil extraction are Chamomile German (matricaria chamomilla) and Chamomile Roman (anthemis nobilis). Another variety, Chamomile Mixta, also offers its unique blend of qualities.

Chamomile German (matricaria chamomilla)

Chamomile German, also referred to as Blue Chamomile or Hungarian Chamomile is known for its rich blue hue that comes from the presence of chamazulene, a compound with anti-inflammatory properties. The oil extracted from Chamomile German is believed to offer benefits for soothing skin irritations, alleviating muscle discomfort, and promoting relaxation. Its calming aroma makes it a popular choice in aromatherapy to reduce stress and anxiety.

Chamomile Roman (anthemis nobilis)

Chamomile Roman, often called English Chamomile or Sweet Chamomile, yields an essential oil with a lighter, sweeter aroma compared to Chamomile German. This oil is prized for its potential to ease digestive discomfort, support healthy sleep patterns, and promote relaxation. Known for centuries for Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, this Chamomile is a valuable addition to skincare products aimed at soothing the appearance of sensitive or inflamed skin.

Chamomile Mixta (ormenis mixta)

Chamomile Mixta is a hybrid of Chamomile German and Chamomile Roman. This hybridization results in an oil that combines the benefits of both varieties, offering a balanced blend of chamazulene content and a sweet aroma. Chamomile Mixta Essential Oil is often used for its soothing properties, both topically and aromatically, and it is reputed to promote a sense of tranquility.

Benefits of Chamomile Essential Oil


Chamomile Essential Oil is often used to soothe the appearance of skin irritations and redness and promote overall skin health. Its reputation for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties contributes to its effectiveness in addressing various skin concerns.

You’ll find Chamomile Essential Oil as a key ingredient in our Max Moisture Cream. It’s brimming with moisture and nourishing components, swiftly delivering relief to the look of dehydrated skin and maintaining its hydration even in the harshest of environments.

Relaxation and Sleep

The calming aroma of Chamomile Essential Oil is renowned for its relaxation-inducing effects. Diffusing the oil before bedtime or adding it to a warm bath can promote a sense of calm and improve sleep quality.

Our Tranquil Essential Oil Blend is one of our most complex. It helps to promote more restful sleep and ease the mind. The familiar scents of Lavender, Chamomile, and Clary Sage blend with the exotic notes of Sandalwood, and Patchouli. This blend encourages a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and unwind, soothing your body, mind, and soul.

Stress and Anxiety

Aromatherapy with Chamomile Essential Oil is known to provide relief from stress, anxiety, and emotional tension. Inhaling the soothing aroma can have a positive impact on mood.

Induce a feeling of calm and support to body and mind with our Chamomile and Lavender Massage Oil. Chamomile and Lavender lend a soothing, relaxed sense, while Sunflower, Safflower, and Grape Seed oils make skin feel smooth and nourished.

Menstrual Comfort

Chamomile oil's muscle-relaxing properties extend to potential relief from menstrual cramps when used in massages or aromatherapy. For relief from cramps, try this massage technique on your lower abdomen.

Mix a few drops of Chamomile Essential Oil with a carrier oil of your choice. Once combined, it should be applied gently to the area and massaged in circular motions. It is important to be gentle and not to press too hard as this can cause more pain. The massage should be done for at least 10 minutes and may be repeated several times a day. This helps to reduce the pain and discomfort of period cramps. It also helps to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with PMS. 

Whether you choose the blue-hued allure of Chamomile German, the sweet elegance of Chamomile Roman, or the harmonious blend of Chamomile Mixta, each variety brings a distinct bouquet of benefits. Whether diffused, applied topically, or used in baths, the essence of Chamomile holds the promise of a tranquil sanctuary in the midst of life's demands.

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