Essential Oil Spotlight: Cedarwood

Imagine yourself in a forest, after a rainstorm. You’re surrounded by lush greenery and enveloped in the air's soft, warm, woodsy scent. Now imagine if you could take that scent with you, to experience it over and over again. Good news- you can, with Cedarwood Essential Oil. Cedarwood Essential Oils are the earliest known essential oils for aroma and medicinal use and even date back to the ancient Egyptians using them in cosmetics, perfumes, and even embalming fluid. 

At Source Vitál we stock two versions of Cedarwood Essential Oil- Cedarwood Himalayan and Cedarwood Texas. Cedarwood Himalayan (Cedrus Deodara) grows on the high slopes of the Himalayas in Northern India. Cedarwood Texas is a naturally occurring essential oil from the wood of the native Texas Cedar ( Juniperus Mexicana.)

Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil


Cedarwood oil holds calming and grounding properties for both the mind and body, making it a popular oil for topical as well as aromatic use. Cedarwood Himalayan Essential Oil is an excellent essential oil to diffuse at the end of a long day when you want to create a relaxing environment. Add three to four drops in the essential oil diffuser of your choice and enjoy the grounding, calming effects that this oil has to offer. Need grounding on the go? Apply our Cedarwood Vetiver Essential Oil Roll-On. 

Promotes Healthier Hair 

Cedarwood essential oil is thought to promote healthier hair by balancing the oil-producing glands on the scalp, which can treat different conditions that may contribute to dandruff or hair loss. Cedarwood Essential Oils are also high in vitamin E, making them the ideal addition to your haircare routine. Apply a few drops into your shampoo in the shower, or apply our Hair and Scalp Oil for shinier, less frizzy, and stronger hair. 

Benefits Skin Health

Packed full of antioxidants, Cedarwood Essential Oil is the ultimate ingredient to give dull, lackluster skin the boost it needs. Cedarwood also contains many anti-inflammatory properties, which help to soothe and calm irritated skin. Cedarwood Essential Oil is a staple ingredient in our Sir Vitál collection, and you’ll find it in our Sir Vitál Cleanse, Sir Vitál Shave, and our Sir Vitál Soothe

Improve Your Surroundings

Have you ever heard of a cedar chest being used to keep moths away from your precious sweaters? Cedarwood also contains many properties to keep pests at bay. Diffuse Cedarwood Essential Oil to keep your outdoor gathering bug-free. Additionally, Cedarwood may help reduce feelings of stress and may improve mood. Our Meditate Multispray contains Cedarwood Himalayan Essential Oil, among others to scent your linens, yoga mat, and the air.

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