7 Natural Remedies to Make Your Canine Happy on National Dog Day

Many of us use of essential oils for ourselves to create a healthier lifestyle. We also can use essential oils for our four-legged friends. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and it is easy incorporate essential oils into their daily care and for some minor health issues. A few comments for the recipes.

  • As with humans, dogs have their own unique chemistry, allergies and sensitivities, so it is always good to do a test with these recipes to see if the dog is receptive to the blend. Try a small amount to start.

  • A few of our recipes call for a carrier oil. Most any vegetal oil can be used. This does not mean cooking oils that you would buy in the grocery store. Instead, try safflower, sunflower or jojoba oil.

No. 1 -  Simple Toothpaste and Breath Deodorizer

You will need:

Directions: It's easy! Just mix ingredients together in an air tight container. Use the mixture to brush your dog's teeth with a doggie tooth brush.

No. 2 - Joint Pain and Muscle Spasm Serum

You will need:

Directions: Combine all ingredients into a bottle, gently mix well and apply directly to affected areas.

No. 3 - Conditioning Rinse (This works for humans, too.)

You will need:

Directions: Mix all ingredients into desired container and pour or spray after shampooing/cleaning.

No. 4  - Flea Buster Remedy

You will need:

Directions: Mix ingredients into a bottle, mix gently and then apply to your dog's collar.

No. 5 - Ear Rinse

You will need:

Directions: Gently blend all oils together into a container and then drop directly into ear.

No. 6 - Cough and Cold Formula

You will need:

Directions: Apply by compress to your dog's back.

No. 7 - Mange and Skin Irritation Spray

You will need:

Directions: Mix ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray on problem areas twice a day.

You can find all of the products and more in our essential oils and carrier oils sections.

Source Vital also offers pre-blended products that can be used for your pets. First Aid Oil and First Aid Spray have been used by many of our customers with good results. First Aid Oil is a blend of pure essential oils undiluted.

It has been used by veterinary clinics on lick granulomas. They said it is the only thing they have found to have a positive effect on this condition. One thing that makes our First Aid formula particularly effective for this and minor hot spots is how bad it tastes, which is a great incentive for your dog to stop licking the spot.

Apply directly to the affected area two to three times a day. First Aid Spray contains the same blend of essential oil as the First Aid Oil in a diluted spray. It can be sprayed on the coat and/or worked into the skin after bathing to repel insects and gives the coat a fresh scent.

If you want to ease into working with essential oils for your dog, start with Lavender Oil. It is known as the universal oil because it is good for everything and can be used “neat” (undiluted) for a variety of conditions as you can see from the recipes above. Enjoy our pet recipes - we know your dog will!

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