Caraway Essential Oil


Caraway Essential Oil


Botanical/INCI name: carum carvi (caraway) seed oil

Botanical family: umbelliferae

Country of Origin: Hungary

Caraway is native to Europe, Russia, and North Africa but is cultivated in many other countries. Fossilized remains of the seeds of caraway have been dated as far back as 8,000 years. Records show that this herb was used by the Egyptians and Romans as a food ingredient. The Greeks used it for its healing properties. It was also known as the Herb of Consecration, with the power to bring sanctity to objects. Therefore, it was used to consecrate the sword of knights. Caraway is the key ingredient in rye bread.

Holistic Uses:In Chinese medicine, promotes Qi-energy in the stomach and intestines.

Exceptions:May cause dermal irritation if used in high concentrations in blends.

Blends Well With:Colorless to pale yellow brown in color, Caraway has a strong spicy aroma. Blends well with fennel, marjoram, orange, lavender, tea tree, carrot seed, jasmine, and cinnamon. Use in small concentrations, as this strong oil can overpower blends.

Chemical Components:carvone, limonene, carveol, dihydrocarveol, dihydrocarvone, pinene, phellandrene.

Process of Extraction:Steam distillation from the fruit and/or seed.


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