How to Achieve Pedicure-Perfect Feet this Summer

With summer in full swing, it's time to give our feet the attention they deserve. As we trade in closed shoes for sandals and flip-flops, taking care of our feet becomes essential. Having well-maintained feet not only feels great but may also boost your confidence. 

Not sure where to begin? We’ll guide you through creating a simple yet effective foot and nail care ritual to keep your feet looking perfect all season long.

Lemongrass Mani Pedi Cream on Marble Table with nail tools

Getting Your Feet Pedicure-Perfect

Here are simple yet effective ways to pamper your feet at home:


Try giving your feet a soothing treat by preparing a foot soak. Start by filling a basin or your tub with warm water infused with our Analgesic Bath Salts, formulated for relieving soreness. You may also create your own foot soak using Dead Sea Salts blended with your favorite essential oils, like Lavender Essential Oil. Immerse your feet in the soak for 15-20 minutes to alleviate tired muscles, leaving your feet feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Treat your feet to luxurious exfoliation with a gentle foot scrub. Start by massaging the scrub onto dry feet, focusing on any rough spots and calluses. Make sure to rinse thoroughly to reveal softer and smoother skin. We recommend our Lemongrass Body Scrub  for this purpose. Its creamy, gentle formula includes a proprietary essential oil blend, which not only cleanses the skin but also helps protect it and promotes overall skin health. This blend is designed to care for the skin and nails on your feet, leaving them feeling rejuvenated.


After a foot soak or scrub, it’s essential to apply a rich moisturizer to maintain hydration and prevent dryness and cracking. Our Lemongrass Mani-Pedi Cream is the perfect solution for soothing rough, dry skin, softening calluses, and helping to reinforce the skin's natural barrier. This cream absorbs quickly and the powerful essential oils in the cream provide protection against various skin conditions and irritations.


Caring for your nails is vital for maintaining overall foot health. Regular nail treatment helps prevent painful issues such as ingrown toenails and fungal infections. By keeping your nails well-groomed, you may also reduce the risk of discomfort while walking or wearing shoes. Our Nail and Cuticle Elixir is an excellent choice, as it deeply hydrates your nails and cuticles, eliminating dry, flaky, and irritated skin. It is formulated with a blend of targeted and potent natural oils that work to clear up various irritations, leaving your skin and nails looking healthy and vibrant. 

Additional Foot Care Tips


A foot massage may help to relieve tension and boost blood circulation. You can use either your hands or a foot roller to gently apply pressure to the soles and arches of your feet. You may also use Reflexology, which involves using your thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to specific points on the feet. 

Stretching Exercises  

Simple foot stretching exercises enhance flexibility and alleviate tightness. Exercises such as toe curls, ankle circles, and toe points are effective in keeping your feet agile.

Wear Proper Footwear

It’s a good idea to invest in comfortable, supportive shoes that fit well and provide sufficient arch support. Try to avoid wearing high heels or poorly fitting shoes for long durations of time to help protect your feet from discomfort and potential injury.


Give your feet a rest by elevating them while sitting or lying down. This practice helps reduce swelling and promotes better circulation.

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