What's the Difference? Why Using Natural, Plant-Based Skin Care is Beneficial to the Mind, Body & Spirit

The Case for Natural Skin Care

Natural elements exist to sustain life. That is a universally accepted truth—so why should we ignore that in the pursuit of a skin care regimen that works for us?

We all originate from the same earth; our chemical composition is designed to work in tandem with the chemical composition of the earth and all of its wonders. This means that the resources we need to live a balanced life are made available to us in nature, and an exchange of a cocktail of chemicals for more holistic elements represents a return to nature as a true source of nourishment.

The earth, in all of its wisdom, provides us with widely known elements such as aloe vera, seaweed, ginseng, cucumber, green tea, and papaya, as well as more esoteric elements like yarrow, burdock, elder flower, and echinacea. These botanical elements contain powerful properties that our bodies can readily utilize to help with a host of common complaints such as dry skin, redness, irritations and the visible signs of aging. Even more impressive, using whole plant extracts and vegetal oils topically constructs a stronger connection to the earth around us. This, in turn, lends us to a total alignment among our bodies, our minds, and nature—the pinnacle of ultimate balance and wellness.

Before the existence of lab-designed skin care, apothecaries had it figured out. They developed ways to ease everyday aches, pains, and ailments by using only the resources provided to them by the earth and nature itself. Because of the wide variety of natural botanical elements, apothecaries were able to formulate specific regimens that took into account the whole body and mind. As time has progressed, we have gained an even greater knowledge and understanding of health. This includes the development of life-saving pharmaceuticals and the efficiency of man-made solutions. Unfortunately, it has also brought about the desire to always have a quick-fix.

So what makes natural, holistic skin care different?

The answer is one that is simple, yet steadfast—the benefits of natural skin care are endless. Natural skin care does not promise miracles overnight. It actually encourages the development of daily personal care rituals. Our modern lives are busy and stressful. Always shuttling from one to-do to another. Add that to a diet filled with processed foods, and it is no wonder that we rely so heavily on medicines to cure our ailments.   

Skin and body products made with plant botanicals, marine seaweed and pure essential oils remain naturally gentle without sacrificing their effectiveness, giving the skin a break from potentially irritating colorants, fragrances, harmful chemicals, pharmaceuticals, synthetic preservatives, animal products, and other toxins that can actually weaken the body’s natural functions. Additionally, elements included in natural skin care products are easily assimilated into the body because they are designed to work with the skin and not against it. By feeding the skin with all the nutrient-rich goodness nature has to offer, we are consciously choosing to be kind to the only skin in which we have to live—we are providing it with the elements it needs to thrive in lieu of punishing it for aging or blemishing.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it is undoubtedly one of the most important. It is the barrier between our internal selves and the external world.  Just like with anything we may value, we must protect and maintain its well-being and functionality.

Imagine your body is a house—inside it are the things you love and value. You take measures to ensure that those things are secure. You lock your doors to keep unwanted things out and you make sure the foundation is sound so that the priceless things inside are protected. The idea is to treat your own body with that same degree of care. A naturally pure beauty regimen is a simple solution to ensuring that the unwanted things are kept out while our priceless internal functions are safely nurtured.

What it boils down to is this: when we use products filled with nutrients found in nature, we are developing a genuine connection to the earth around us while balancing our bodies and minds. The earth provides us with an abundance of elements to sufficiently sustain us—it is our pursuit to take advantage of those gifts and provide access for others to do the same.

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