How Natural Deodorant Works

It’s no secret – natural deodorants aren’t just for hippies anymore. For years natural deodorants have been on the rise – trending among skincare novices, wellness advocates, and beauty gurus alike. Natural deodorants have been on the scene for a while, but they've had their issues. The most common complaint is that they aren't powerful enough, and unable to stand up to actual sweat and body odor.

However, there’s been an incredible amount of innovation behind more recent formulas, sourcing effective ingredients that can stand up to the traditional deodorants of the past.

Here’s what you need to know about natural deodorants, and how they work. 

How Natural Deodorant Works

Let’s Talk Body Odor

When we think of sweat, we often think of body odor. Surprisingly though, sweat itself is actually odorless. The culprit for the unpleasant odor is bacteria. Our underarms are warm and moist environments where bacteria can thrive. Ultimately, this bacteria then metabolizes the sweat and, in the process, leaves a less-than-pleasant smelling byproduct.

What's the Difference Between Antiperspirants and Deodorants?

One of the most important things to know is that natural formulas aren't simply replicas of traditional deodorants, made with botanical ingredients. Deodorants typically will use alcohol-based ingredients and antimicrobials to prevent bacteria from growing and accumulating, resulting in less of your sweat being converted into body odor.

An antiperspirant typically uses aluminum-based ingredients to “block” the sweat ducts, preventing bacteria from being able to feed on the source of those stinky byproducts altogether. Most of the deodorants you see on the shelves at the drugstore are a combination of both unless specified. One of the most controversial claims against antiperspirant deodorants is that the aluminum-based ingredients and parabens in them can be absorbed by the skin and lead to breast cancer.

What are Natural Deodorants?

Natural deodorants ditch the aluminum-based and alcohol-based ingredients and opt for natural ingredients instead. These ingredients also help absorb moisture, but can sometimes not be as effective as an antiperspirant, which plugs the pores that create the sweat. This, however, is not necessarily a bad thing, as sweat is a natural process that our body undergoes.

The best natural deodorants contain both a wetness-absorbing agent to instantly absorb sweat keeping you dry,  and include anti-bacterial properties to get rid of the odor. Additionally, with a pH balance of 4.5, this is a non-irritating formula that keeps body-causing odor at bay without compromising the natural biome with heavy surfactants, baking soda, and other harsh ingredients.

At Source Vitál, we choose to formulate with a combination of naturally-occurring alum and mineral salts, algae extracts, and essential oils. As we like to say, we know our formula works because we have tested it and worn it for 20+ years in hot, humid summers in our hometown of Houston, Texas. If it can hold up here, it can work anywhere.

Our collection of Deozein Natural Deodorants comes in an easy-to-use spray and roll-on formulas and five scents: outdoorsy Original, citrusy Zest, floral Fresh, woodsy Cedrus, and exotic Spirit blend. Additionally, we also have our Manifest scent from our Sir Vitál line. All scents can be used by everyone. 

Expect A Detox Process

The first thing to remember when switching to a natural deodorant is that it works differently than the conventional antiperspirant you may be used to. That means your body may need some time to adjust. Here’s the truth: It can take up to 30 days to fully reap the benefits, but it truly depends on your body chemistry. Unlike just changing brands or scents, natural deodorants take a little longer.

Around the two-week point post-switch, is when things can get a little smelly. Now that the unnatural “plug” from your antiperspirant is gone, your body will feel like it is sweating more than normal. In some cases, your body may be triggered to begin producing more sweat now that it isn’t being blocked. Remember, your body was made to sweat. This is your body’s way of ridding itself of toxins and regulating your body temperature.

When you decide to stop using a product that inhibits this natural process, your body will try to regain balance, hence the increased sweating. The body can take about a month to regulate itself and get fully adjusted to a natural deodorant. Too often, people get frustrated halfway through and give up on their natural deodorant journey, so don’t give up! Though some of the detox symptoms can be annoying at first, your effort will surely be rewarded in the end.

Benefits of Natural Deodorant

  • Natural deodorants allow you to sweat. Our bodies sweat to release toxins and regulate body temperature!
  • No painful discomfort or redness. Sweat buildup leads to bumpy, irritated skin. If you shave or wax your underarms, consider making the switch!
  • No more stained clothing. Aluminum can interact with bacteria and cause those pesky yellow sweat stains that can ruin your mood and your outfit.
  • Benefits to your health: Antiperspirants and deodorants are products that we apply daily to the skin near major organs and lymph nodes. We know that the ingredients in the products we use can accumulate in our bodies, so switching to a clean, natural, non-toxic formulation is bound to have positive effects on the body.