How to Take Care of Your Breasts this October

At Source Vital, we are proud of our philanthropic efforts, and each October, supporting Breast Cancer research is of great importance to us. One of our company’s many pillars is Women’s Rights are Human Rights. That's why we are continuing to support The Rose this October, the leading nonprofit breast health care organization in southeast Texas. Much like us, The Rose believes women deserve access to quality healthcare and that empowered women can change the world. 

The Rose offers advanced breast cancer screenings and diagnostic services including mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies, and access to high-quality breast health services and treatments. They serve more than 40,000 women annually, regardless of their ability to pay. 

This October, we will donate $1 to The Rose for every order placed. Additionally, you'll notice a pink sticker on your products thanking you for giving back to The Rose.

 Woman with breast cancer standing in front on sign promoting The Rose charity organization

What Can You Do?


According to The Rose, some steps women can take to monitor their breast health are to conduct monthly breast self-examinations and get a clinical breast examination every year.

Additionally, it is recommended that women over 40, or those under 40, with a family history of breast cancer, should consult a doctor about their risk assessment and get annual mammograms.

We encourage you to visit for more information about screenings, diagnostics, and instructions on how to conduct a monthly breast self-examination. 

Trying to detect irregularities is important for good health and detecting potential issues before they become a bigger problem.


When it comes to our personal hygiene, we tend to neglect our breasts, despite the awareness surrounding the dangers of breast cancer. Self-exams and exams performed by your physicians are excellent steps, but your breasts can also use some TLC in the normal day-to-day! 

The skin around our chests is typically more delicate than the skin on other areas of our bodies, so it becomes dry more easily, which means it's also an area prone to wrinkles. Ensure you’re carefully cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing this area regularly. 

We’ve developed an easy, holistic method to help you treat your breast area. You can find the treatment recipe and ingredients needed here.


Even if you feel like you are well-versed in breast health, others may not be! Ensure that you’re encouraging friends and family to perform monthly self-checks and attend crucial screenings, this month and beyond!

If you have the means, consider donating to great local causes, such as The Rose! If you can’t contribute financially, share this article with a friend! 

Shop now for your favorite skin care, personal care, aromatherapy, and bath and body products, and join us in helping women (and men!) receive life-saving breast cancer screenings! 

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