Source Vitál's Playbook for a Super Game

We don’t often talk sports here on the Source Vitál Apothecary blog, but since our hometown (#teamhouston) is hosting football's biggest game of the year we thought we’d give it a go.

Instead of analyzing which team will win, we’ve decided to put together our own playbook that will keep you scoring healthy points.

Play #1 – Pregame

What’s football without tailgating? Well, not as fun! Luckily there are lots of healthy ways to get you hyped.

Natural Aromatherapy MultiUse Spray to Uplift & Energize by Source Vital Apothecary

Get revved up and ready to cheer on your team (or yell at the refs) with some natural Pep. This aromatherapy blend is designed to coach your inner self into feeling energized. Use the MultiSpray to amp up any environment or keep an inhaler handy for anytime you’re feeling a slump. Plus, we're pretty sure it would be a cheerleader’s signature scent.

100% Pure & Natural Inhaler, Aromatherapy On-the-Go by Source Vital Apothecary

Don’t let your pregame snacking have you going Three-and-Out. Rush for a lighter, healthier option like these healthy-but-tasty recipes from Health Magazine so that you can stay light on your feet through the fourth quarter.

Play #2 – Kickoff

Stay cool, calm and collected, even when your team is in the red zone, with our natural deodorant spray.

Natural, Aluminum-Free Deodorant Spray by Source Vital Apothecary

Deozein punts on all the harsh chemicals and metals found in your everyday deodorants and antiperspirants. Instead our defensive line is packed with natural odor-fighters like mineral crystals, algae extracts and pure essential oils.

This is a first-round draft pick that lives up to the hype!

Play #3 – Playmakers

Die hard fans and armchair quarterbacks are hoping for a memorable, action-packed game.

For us, our starting line up is stacked with talent – talented ingredients that is!

Natural Algae Deep Pore Cleanser for All Skin Types by Source Vital Apothecary

Kick-start your day, or any special event, with a deep pore cleanser that shows, dirt, grime, blemishes and lackluster skin who’s boss. Algae Deep Cleanse is a big playmaker thanks to our mineral-rich blend of seaweed extracts, Peppermint essential oil, purifying bentonite clay and natural Vitamin E.

You will instantly see and feel this showstopper go to work. It’s the best play call you can make for tackling any skin issues keeping you from scoring big skin points.

Pay #4 – Delay of Game

Nooo! Your team just got hit hard with some ugly penalties. When you’re driving toward a big goal, it is hard not to feel the pressure.

This might be the perfect time to stretch, release the tension and keep yourself ready for what’s to come. Here’s 7 mostly easy and effective yoga poses you can try to restore confidence.

Another holistic way to manage your game stress is with deep breathing exercises.

Alternate Nostril Breathing is a method to help you destress by basically breathing in deeply from one nostril and then exhaling out through the other. You use your thumb and ring finer to close the alternate nostrils as you breathe in and out. For a complete guide to this practice click here.  

And since we are on penalties, let’s not forget face masks! Ok, so we aren’t talking about football helmets but the spa/skin care treatment.

Get your game face on with an all-natural facial mask that’s tougher than the other team’s defensive line. If calm is what you are after our Cool Mask is what you want. Soothing, hydrating, it’s like padding to protect the skin from life’s daily fumbles.

Play #5 – Touchdown!

Our favorite trick play for squashing breakouts and the look of over worked skin is Fango Facial Scrub. Its thick texture and active ingredients might get you called out for excessive celebration – of great skin!

Natural Sea Mud Facial Scrub by Source Vital Apothecary

Play #6 – Halftime

You’ve made it this far, now it’s time to refresh.

Our new Sports Balm Roll-on is a fast and convenient way to ease the feeling of tired, achy muscles. A little worn out from yelling at the TV or jumping up and down for your team? Sorts Balm instantly cools and comforts.

Add a few drops of our Mental Clarity Natural Elixir or Clear Mind Roll-On essential oil blend to your temples, behind your ears, back of the neck and wrist, and you’ll be ready to focus in on the game like a laser beam. Plus, you can impress your buddies with all the game stats and trivia you’ll remember.  

Play #7 – MVP

The show’s not over until we crown our own MVP.

You’ve already read the highlights and seen the play-by-play of Deozein Natural Deodorant Spray. This is definitely one of our top performers, but here are a few other fan favorites.

Taking the field with the loudest cheers is always Lavender Essential Oil. A steady, reliable team player, our Lavender oil is sourced from France and always makes the big plays while getting the mind and body in tip-top shape.

Honorable mentions include Lavender Cleanser and Lavender Body Lotion. Sharing a bench with these products is always a winning play.    

Play #8 – Post Game Recovery

Before we let you start any post game celebrations (or slump), here are a few more strategies for when the adrenaline starts to wear off.

Natural First Aid Spray to care for minor cuts, buns, bruises & insect repellent by Source Vital Apothecary

Doctor any cuts and bruises from the turf war with our natural First Aid Spray. Say goodbye to the chemical-laden, over-the-counter concoctions. First Aid Spray goes into overtime with Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Green Tea, Seaweed and a special blend of 10 essential oils. Every trainer needs this in their kit.a

Forget the Gatorade ice bath…try something more relaxing with therapeutic Dead Sea Salts and a natural bath oil that’ll make you forget all that blocking and tackling. Plus, a soothing bath will keep you from running laps in your head all night long.

Man washing face, men's grooming

And the best way to recover from the drinks, snacks and stress – Allevia. Keep it handy the next morning when the tummy starts growling and that killer headache kicks in.

So what are some of your game time traditions? Let us know in the comments section below!

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