May is Mental Health Awareness Month

There’s the age-old saying that “Health is Wealth.” If you’ve heard this saying, you’ve likely had the thought that it applied to our physical health, such as eating right and exercising regularly. Our physical health, however, is only a portion of our overall wellness.
May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Unfortunately, there’s long been a stigma around mental health and seeking treatment, although it is improving. There continues to be a spotlight put on the importance of being aware of your mental health, as well as talking about mental well-being without the fear of feeling judged. 
At Source Vitál, we are proud to help bring awareness to the importance of mental health.
Below, we’ve compiled a few simple ways to observe Mental Health Awareness Month. 

Practice Gratitude

Finding small moments of joy and taking the time to celebrate those moments can help you form a gratitude practice that helps to reframe your current state of mind. When we take the time to acknowledge the little things in life, we challenge our brains to focus on the present with increased awareness.                                                                                                      
Keeping a gratitude journal or consistently verbalizing your gratitude can help manage more negative emotions like guilt and shame. Consider applying a few drops of our Mental Clarity Natural Elixir on your scalp, temples, or under your nose prior to journaling. For gratitude on the go, apply our Mental Clarity Roll-On to the palms of your hands, cupping over your nose, and take 3-4 long, cleansing breaths. Frankincense Essential Oil leads you into a focused meditative state, Peppermint Essential Oil invigorates, and Helichrysum Essential Oil aids in grounding. 

Woman Meditating while looking out the window


Practiced for thousands of years, meditation was meant to deepen understanding surrounding the mysteries of life. These days, meditation is used as a tool to help achieve relaxation and to reduce stress. During the process of meditation, we can help eliminate the chaos in our minds and achieve deeper focus, which may lead to better mental health. 

If you’re experiencing feelings of anxiety, meditation can help you by refocusing your attention on something more calming, like your breath. Apply our Meditate Roll-On prior to your practice, or spritz our Meditate Multispray on your yoga mat, blanket, or the air. This complex blend contains Patchouli Essential Oil, known for its grounding properties, Lime Essential Oil, an uplifting citrus oil, and Geranium Essential Oil, known for its balancing properties. 

Woman and pug sleeping in a bed

Achieve Better Sleep

We know that a rough night of sleep can impact your state of mind greatly. Sleep can be closely connected with our mental and emotional health, and those who suffer from mental health disruptions make experience insomnia or other sleep disorders. 
To improve the quality of your sleep, practice good sleep hygiene by creating a routine for yourself each night. Sleep hygiene is essentially the “warm-up” to the act of sleeping, just as though you’d warm-up prior to rigorous exercise.  The synergistic blend of Lavender, Sage, and Petitgrain in our Serene Essential Oil Blend can help to dispel the feeling of nervous tension and lack of sleep. Diffusing this prior to bedtime can help set your mind at ease. If you shower or bathe before bed, apply a few drops of our Serene Bath and Body Oil to your chest and breathe in the calming scent. Try to complete the same tasks before bed each night to encourage your brain to get into “sleep mode.”
Chakra 5 Roll On on a blue swirl background

Find Your Voice

Talking about your mental health is important, but oftentimes it can be difficult to open up. Opening up about your mental health will allow you to express how you truly feel and it gives others a chance to help you by guiding you through the difficult times. Whether you’re speaking with a friend or a professional, you may find yourself needing a boost of courage and confidence. 
Our throat chakra or 5th chakra is linked with the throat, thyroid, neck, jaw, and mouth. It governs feelings of self-expression, communication, and personal truth, and influences our ability to hear and understand. When out of balance we may feel out of control, unable to listen to others, have a fear of speaking, and lack purpose in life. Our Throat Chakra Essential Oil Blend will inspire you to communicate freely. For use on the skin, dilute 1-2 drops with a carrier oil and apply directly to the chakra area such as the throat. If you’re needing a boost on the go, bring your Chakra 5 Essential Oil Roll-on to your therapy session or conversations with your trusted friend. 
Our mental health is truly as important as our physical health, and it isn’t always easy to communicate your feelings. We hope that these tips can help your days to become a little brighter. Connecting with a traditional therapist may also be beneficial to help process your feelings and allow you to verbalize what you are going through.
If you need suicide or mental health-related crisis support or are worried about someone else, please call or text 1-800-273-8255 or visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s chat to connect with a trained crisis counselor.

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