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Sesame Seed Oil (Organic, Virgin, Cold Pressed)

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100% Natural Oil for Skin, Body & Hair Care

Botanical Name: sesamum indicum

Our unrefined Sesame Seed Oil from Mexico is a great way to introduce natural oils into your regimen.

Scented with a natural soft, nutty aroma, this vitamin and mineral-rich oil has a wide variety of uses. Sesame Seed Oil is deeply nourishing for skin and hair, well suited for use in massage, and is commonly used for oil pulling.

A warming oil, it gives a nourished feel to joints and nervous system when used in aromatherapy and massage, and promotes a feeling of restfulness and support.

Features & Benefits

  • A perfect multi-use oil for any healthy regimen
  • Great for use in oil pulling
  • Commonly used as a warming massage oil
  • When used in aromatherapy, Sesame gives a de-stressed feel to the body and senses
  • Ideal for use in skin and hair care
  • Natural scent is a soft, nutty aroma and amber color

Suggested Use

Perfect for many skin and body care uses. May be applied at 100% strength to the skin or blended in lesser percentages.