Scrubby Floss by RiseWell

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Hydroxyapatite-Infused Dental Floss

Introducing RiseWell's Scrubby Floss—an innovative dental essential designed to redefine your flossing experience. Infused with the same Hydroxyapatite found in their renowned toothpaste, this floss goes beyond cleaning; it actively remineralizes those hard-to-reach spaces between your teeth and gums.

Enjoy a smooth glide that ensures the optimal degree of cleaning, making flossing a pleasure rather than a chore. Scrubby Floss isn't just about what it includes, but equally about what it excludes—it's Teflon-free, vegan, paraben-free, and gluten-free, ensuring a worry-free oral care routine. Powered by Hydroxyapatite, it protects, strengthens, and remineralizes tooth enamel with 100% safe, effective, and proven ingredients.

Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and artificial additives, and savor the natural flavoring enhanced by healthful essential oils. Transparency is our commitment, with a clear ingredients listing that reinforces our dedication to your dental well-being. Elevate your flossing game with Scrubby Floss, because flossing should simply feel good!

Benefits & Features:

  • Teflon-free, vegan, paraben-free, and gluten free
  • Powered by Hydroxyapatite to protect, strengthen, and remineralize tooth enamel
  • 100% safe with effective and proven ingredients.
  • No harmful chemicals such as artificial flavors or dyes
  • Natural flavoring with essential oils
  • Transparent ingredients listing

Wrap floss around your fingers. Glide floss in between all teeth, at least twice a day (morning and night). For best dental care, we recommend a simple, 3 step care regimen- floss, rinse and brush, with no spitting.

Vegan Wax, Hydroxyapatite, Spearmint Oil, Xylitol, Stevia, Polyester Filament