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Natural, 100% Coconut Wax and Essential Oil Candles

Welcome to the world of Pure Plant Home, where candles are more than just wax and wick—they're a crafted symphony of love, care, and pure botanical goodness. Their truly handmade vegan candles are a testament to the art of candle making, where each creation is infused with intention and positive energy.

Hand-poured with devotion, these candles are crafted using an exclusive blend of coconut vegetable wax and real essential oils. They've left out the petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, artificial dyes, and colorants, ensuring that every flicker of our candles is a pure, unadulterated experience.

At Pure Plant Home, candles go beyond illuminating spaces. They are vessels of positive energy, designed to enhance well-being, promote good health, spread happiness, and embody longevity. Each candle is a reflection of our commitment to creating a harmonious blend of nature's finest elements.

Indulge your senses in the subtle, true-to-nature scents that only real essential oils can provide. From the moment you light a Pure Plant Home candle, you invite the essence of purity and mindfulness into your space.

Elevate your candle experience with products that not only light up your surroundings but also contribute to a greater sense of positivity and balance. Pure Plant Home candles—crafted for those who seek more than just a glow, but a radiant embrace of well-being and joy.

Choose from 4 amazing scents:

  • Peace On Earth Holiday Candle: Fill your surroundings with an uplifting essential oil blend, meant to spread love and gratitude, perfect for the holidays. Recycled Amber Glass. Scent: Orange, Clove, Cinnamon
  • Wish On A Star Holiday Candle: Good tidings to all will fill your space with this positive blend of pure bliss. Recycled Amber Glass. Scent: Mint, Vanilla
  • Joy To The World Holiday Candle: Walk into a magical forest of evergreens, fresh and stimulating! Recycled Amber Glass. Scent: Pine, Spruce, Fir
  • French Lavender Candle: Walk into a wildcrafted field of Lavender in Provence! Simply divine! Recycled Purple Glass. Scent: Lavender

These candles are 5.5 oz. each.

Pure Plant Home Candle - Woodland Spruce & Fir - Joy to the World
Pure Plant Home Candle - French Lavender
Pure Plant Home Candle -  Peace on Earth - Orange Cinnamon and Clove
Pure Plant Home Candle - Wish on a Star - Mint and Vanilla