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Personal Nebulizing Diffuser

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A True Essential Oil Aromatherapy Nebulizer

This compact diffuser transports pure essential oil particles into the air in a way that makes the oil easier for the body to absorb, known as "nano atomization".

Easy to use, the diffuser houses the nebulizer attached to a 10 ml amber glass bottle with a diptube.  Once the bottle is filled with your choice of essential oil or blend, you are ready to diffuse. Most of our Source Vital 0.4 fl. oz. bottles of oil will fit into this diffuser.

This is a battery operated diffuser that is recharged by a USB cable. 

Personal Nebulizing Diffuser

Step 1. Press the nozzle from bottom.

Step 2. Attach nozzle to 10ml essential oil bottle.

Step 3. Align the mark to press the nozzle down

Step 4. Turn on the diffuser (please don't turn the diffuser upside down when using)

How to Use Personal Nebulizing DIffuser


Black Personal NebulizIng Diffuser
White Personal NebulizIng Diffuser
Lavender Personal NebulizIng Diffuser
Blush/Pink Personal NebulizIng Diffuser