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Oily Skin Starter Kit

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Starter Skin Care Routine to Naturally Balance the Look and Feel of Oily Skin

Balance is the key for oily skin.

Oily skin tends to be thicker and less sensitive than other skin types but that doesn’t mean harsh ingredients are the way to counteract all that extra shine.

In fact, drying out oily skin has the reverse effect. The skin reacts by producing even more oil.

The good news, this set effectively targets the root cause of oily skin – naturally – without abrasive chemicals that strip and damage the skin.

This 4-piece includes:
Lemon Gel Cleanser (2.23 fl. oz.)
Sea Tonic (1.01 fl. oz.)
Oil Control Infusion (0.23 fl. oz.)
Clear Skin Cream(0.4 fl. oz.)

When purchased separately, $63.64

The result is healthy, glowing skin, who doesn’t want that?

Features & Benefits:

  • Stater set is convenient for travel or to try out a new skin care routine
  • With daily use, establishes a healthy skin care routine
  • Naturally controls the appearance of shine for clean, fresh-looking skin
  • Brings balance to your skin and Improves appearance of pores
  • Fights the signs of aging by improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Nourishes and remineralizes
  • Protects skin from environmental pollutants
  • Kit contains enough product for approximately one month's use
  • Makes for a thoughtful gift
  • Great option for teens in need of a simple and effective skin care routine

What’s Included

Lemon Gel Cleanser
This cleanser is expert at cleansing oily skin without leaving it feeling dry or tight. Fragrant with Lemon Essential Oil and botanical extracts, this cleanser will remove make-up, dirt and grime from your face without upsetting the delicate pH balance. Use a small amount on face and neck to begin your evening regimen.

Sea Tonic
Hydrating and remineralizing facial mist made from Dead Sea salts, seaweed extract and Aloe Vera.

Oil Control Infusion
Oil Control Infusion contains a blend of aromatic essential oils selected to balance, cleanse and improve the appearance of oily skin. For oily, acne and congested skin types.

Clear Skin Cream
People with oily or acne prone skin are often afraid of moisturizers because so many contribute to the problem. Not our Clear Skin Cream! This is a lightweight formula is breathable on the skin, provides a mattifying effect and actually helps improve the look of acne, blemishes and spots. Non-comedongenic, this facial lotion helps to soften hardened sebum (oil) and promotes a more balanced look and feel to oily, congested, acne-prone skin. Use a daily at the end of your skin care regimen, morning and night.

Step #1 – Wash face and neck thoroughly with nickel size amount of Lemon Gel Cleanser.

Step #2 – Mist face and neck with Sea Tonic

Step #3 – Massage 4-7 drops of Oil Control Infusion onto wet skin.

Step #4 – Finish by protecting skin with a thin layer of Clear Skin Cream

Repeat regimen, morning and night for best results.


How Source Vitál Works

All Source Vitál products are formulated with a unique blend of seaweed, botanical plant extracts and 100% pure essential oils. Our products contain a high concentration of active ingredients formulated specifically to produce results and feed the skin.

The Oily Skin Starter Kit works to clean nourish and lightly hydrate the skin, providing vital nutrients, and pure essential oils that help protect skin against infection and the look of greasy, congested skin.

  • Oily skin has a shiny appearance and is usually thicker, firmer, and less sensitive than other skin types.
  • The pores are medium to large in size and more visible than in other skin types.
  • There is a tendency for recurring clogged pores, enlarged pores, blackheads, and whiteheads.
  • Oily skin is typically hereditary and may be aggravated by dietary habits and stress.
Skin Care Starter Kit for Oily Skin Types by Source Vitál Apothecary
Skin Care Starter Kit for Oily Skin Types by Source Vitál Apothecary