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Chakra 6 (Third Eye) Essential Oil Blend

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Balance and Support the Third Eye Chakra

The 6th or third eye chakra is positioned at the center of the brow and associated with the color indigo. It is linked with the eyes and brain. It governs feelings of intuition, common sense, wisdom, memory, and dreams.

When the third eye chakra is in balance, we feel imaginative, clear headed, and decisive. When out of balance, we may feel stuck and lack clarity and vision for life.

Our Chakra 6 (Third Eye) oil blend is a combination of pure essential oils, specifically chosen to instill a feeling of positivity and calm to mind and body. 

This oil blend is safe to use in your water-based essential oil diffusers and pairs perfectly with our Chakra "Good Vibes" Carrier Oil for topical use in massaging into the skin and pulse points.

NOTE: Chakra 7 Oil Blend is made from pure oils and must be diluted before applying directly on the skin.

Features & Benefits

  • Special blend of 100% pure essential oils oils selected to balance third eye chakra energy centers
  • Mix with Chakra Carrier oil and carefully apply directly to chakra area in the center of the forehead between the brows, hands or pulse points to encourage imagination, clarity of mind and body
  • Promotes ability to see clearly without judgement
  • Carries a fresh, slightly sweet scent
  • Versatile oil blend can be used in an aromatherapy diffuser, mixed into carrier oils, cream and lotions for use on the skin, and for use in making a DIY chakra-balancing mist

Key Natural Ingredients

  • Rosemary Essential Oil – Promotes mental clarity and creativity, banishes forgetfulness, encourages self-worth and a healthy ego, allows one to connect with their own true path 
  • Marjoram Spanish Essential Oil – Soothes and calms emotions, diminishes obsessive thinking, and promotes self-nurturing
  • Elemi Essential Oil – With similarities to Frankincense, this oil helps deepen meditation by calming and centering the mind
  • Angelica Root Essential Oil – Used in some cultures to ward off negative energy, Angelica fortifies the spirit, supports mood swings and promotes the release of strong emotions
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil – Opens the mind and promotes greater awareness, encourages calm and decreases feelings of depression

Topical Use:

For use on the skin, dilute 1-2 drops Chakra 6 Oil Blend with 7-10 drops (approximately 1/6 of a teaspoon) Chakra Carrier Oil and apply directly to chakra area such the middle of the forehead and other pulse points to spark imagination and awaken your intuition.

You can also mix 1-2 drops of Chakra 6 Oil Blend into your favorite lotions, creams and body wash.

Aromatherapy Diffuser:

Use 10-15 drops of Chakra 6 Oil Blend in a water-based diffuser.

Breathe in the aroma while visualizing a vibrant indigo light radiating out from your third eye area.

Chakra 6 Room Spray:

Make your own DIY chakra room Spray to use before meditation, yoga or to simply fill your environment with good energy.

Chakra 6 Room Spray Recipe

  • 15-20 drops Chakra 6 Oil Blend
  • 1/4 cup Witch Hazel 

Mix chakra oil with the witch hazel in a spray bottle and shake to combine. Mist in your room and enjoy the aroma.

rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) oil, thymus mastichina (marjoram) oil, canarium luzonicum (elemi) oil, angelica archangelica oil, santalum spicatum (sandalwood) oil, and proprietary essential oil blend


About Chakras

Chakras are the seven energy centers in the body, positioned from base of spine to crown of the head, which influence bodily processes, both physical and emotional. Each chakra holds a unique energetic frequency and relates to specific functions.

Third Eye Chakra

Often associated with clairvoyance an intuition, when the third eye chakra is in balance it allows us to see the big picture of who we really are in a deeper, spiritual level.

Symptoms of a blocked third eye chakra can include forgetfulness, feeling "stuck", becoming introverted and judgmental, and can physically manifest in headaches, dizziness, and issues related to brain health.

The sixth chakra is connected to the color indigo. Using your Chakra 6 Oil Blend, diffuse or inhale the scent from the bottle and visualize a bright indigo light radiating from the space between your eye brows.

Some mantras you might repeat include: I see clearly, I think clearly, and I trust my decisions.

This will help inspire clarity, imagination, and intuition. 

Chakra 6 (Third Eye) Essential Oil Blend
Align Your 6th Chakra Third Eye

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Evelyn B.
So calming and Centering

I really enjoy this item. I love putting it on after I get out of the shower and before I meditate. Has a very light scent that makes you feel like everything is going to be ok.