Cardamom Essential Oil


Cardamom Essential Oil


100% Pure and Natural Cardamom Essential Oil

Botanical Name: elettaria cardamomum

Cardamom Essential Oil is a member of the ginger family. Very prevalent in the cooking and healing practices of India, Cardamom is called Ela in Ayurvedic practices. 

In Chinese medicine, Cardamom is considered yang energy. It is used for intestinal disorders, aging skin products, and massaging sore muscles.

Cardamom is said to be uplifting to the mind, improving of mental clarity, memory, and helps settle emotional upheavals. and energizing.

Uses of Cardamom Essential Oil

  • Diffuse in a water-based diffuser or vaporizer or a electric diffuser to improve the scent of a room and encourage feelings of well-being and alertness.
  • Add 1-2 drops of Cardamom in your favorite love potion, as it is considered an aphrodisiac in many cultures. .
  • A good addition to any blend you're making for sports-related activities due to it's warming nature.
  • Place a drop of Cardamom on the hands and inhale deeply a few times to chase away fatigue and sluggishness.
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    History and Background

    It was used by the Egyptians in religious ceremonies. The Greeks also used Cardamom in the cooking and healing arts, especially Hippocrates and Disoscorides, for spasms and rheumatic conditions by adding drops to wine. Cardamom migrated to Europe via the Arab merchants.

    Physical Description

    Colorless to pale yellow in color with a thin, watery consistency.

    Aromatic Description

    Cardamom has a warm, sweet, spicy, woody, balsamic aroma.

    Biological Makeup and Components

    Terpinyl acetate and Cineol (up to 50% each), Limonene, Saline, Linalol, Linalyl acetate, Pinene, Zingiberene.

    Extraction Technique

    Steam distillation of dried ripe fruit (seed).

    Information for Aromatherapists

    Cardamom essential oil is a top to middle note and blends well with Caraway, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Clove, Lavender, Neroli, Nutmeg, Palmarosa, Petitigrain, Rose, Rosewood, Spruce, Ylang Ylang, and other oriental and citrus oil.

    Our Cardamom essential oil is 100% pure and natural. It is free of any chemicals, pesticides, synthetic perfumes, fillers, or carrier oils.

    • Do not use during pregnancy.
    • Do not use with or near infants or young children.
    • While generally non-toxic if you tend to be sensitive, do a patch test with 1 drop of Cardamom on the inner arm and observe for 24 hours before general use.
    • Any person with a history of plant or food allergies should read ingredients before using.
    • For external use only. Do not ingest.
    • If you are pregnant, epileptic, have cancer, have liver issues, or any other serious illness, we strongly suggest you consult a medical professional prior to using this essential oil.
    • Always keep essential oils out of reach of children.
    • Keep this oil tightly closed and in room temperature or cooler spot.
    Additional Safety Information


    All of our essential oils are 100% natural and free of any chemicals, pesticides and synthetic perfumes.

    These products are NOT intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. This information is NOT a substitute for professional medical treatment or consultation. Prior to using essential oils, Source Vitál always recommends consulting your medical professional if you are pregnant, epileptic, have cancer, have liver issues, or any other serious illness. Do NOT ingest essential oils internally or apply undiluted oils onto the skin without consultation from an experienced and trained aromatherapist or aromatherapy practitioner. Always consult an aromatherapist before using essential oils for babies and children.

    Keep all oils tightly closed and cool. Always keep out of reach of children.

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