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Body Wash Unscented

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Fragrance Free, SLS/SLES Free, Natural Body Cleanser

The answer to sensitive skin bathing has come true. Our fragrance-free bath and shower gel is super gentle and suited to even the most sensitive skin.

Looking for a mild wash with a bit of scent? Here’s the beauty…simply add your favorite aromatherapy essential oils for a custom blend.

We’ve combined the mildest cleansers to create this body cleanser, perfect for hydrotherapy and mani/pedi applications. No harsh foaming agents here, our sudsy body washes are made with only the safest natural ingredients. Skin is left feeling soft and supple.

Features & Benefits

Yes, you can have your foaming cleanser and stay healthy too! All of our Body Washes are SLS/SLES Free and made with healthy, all natural ingredients.

  • Fragrance-free formula
  • Contains no SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) or SLES (sodium laureth sulfate)
  • Made of the gentlest ingredients, this body cleanser is good for all skin types and safe for babies.
  • Leaves skin feeling clean and pampered
  • The mild formula is sudsy to offer a thorough clean, while leaving skin feeling hydrated and nourished.
  • Blend with your favorite Source Vitál Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends for an aromatherapy experience.

Note: Due to current limitations on packaging supplies, your bottle of Body Wash may look different from what is shown here. Product formula and quantities will remain the same.

Apply directly to skin, using circular motions to lather and cleanse the skin. Can also apply using a natural-bristle body brush, sponge, or try using our Ayate Wash Cloth to add gentle exfoliation.

Source Vitál Tip: Our simple, unscented products are perfect for DIY aromatherapists who like to add their own essential oils and natural scents to customize their skin care products. Try using your favorite Source Vitál Essential Oils & Essential Oil Blends.

purified water, organic potassium cocoate (derived from organic coconut), organic potassium oleate (derived from organic sunflower oil), lauryl betain, glycerin (organic and vegetal), benzyl alcohol (less than 1%), potassium palm kernelate, palm kernel acid, decyl glucoside, and potassium citrate

Natural Body Wash, Unscented without Fragrance or Essential Oils
Unscented, Fragrance-Free Natural Body Wash / Shower Gel

Customer Reviews

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Baby bath

I buy this to bath my grandbabies in. It is not drying and its ingredients are much safer than the stuff you see in the drugstore. I put lavender oil in the last bottle. It is really nice. It doesnt bubble a lot which is good. I wish they sold it with the lavender already in it.