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Analgesic Bath & Body Oil

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Natural Bath & Body Oil for Sore Muscles, Joints, Aches, and Pains

Experience the feeling of relief from common aches and pains with this blend of pure essential oils and plant carrier oils for the bath or massage.

Our complex essential oil blend, including Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Rosemary, and Birch, reduces the feeling of inflammation and poor circulation while you indulge in the luxurious ritual of an aromatherapy bath.

Our exclusive Analgesic Blend is one of our most popular natural blends. The fresh, clean scent promotes an uplifted state of mind. Use anytime something is hurting.

Features & Benefits

  • Use on sore muscles, joints, arthritis, headache, or sports injuries.
  • Ready to use straight from the bottle, no dilution necessary. You can choose from straight topical use directly onto your sore areas, sprinkle into a bath, or apply directly to your body and step into a bath.
  • Perfect recovery option after sports, exercise, or manual labor
  • Suffer from migraines? Apply Analgesic Bath Oil to back of neck when you recognize trigger symptoms for a soothing warming sensation. Breathe deeply.
  • For an indulgent treat, rub this oil blend into throbbing feet before going to bed to soothe and promote a restful state of mind.

    Source Vitál Tip: For maximum benefit use a double application of Analgesic Bath & Body Oil. First massage into skin prior to taking a soothing bath and then reapply to areas of concern after getting out of the bath.

    Caution: Not recommended for regular use during pregnancy.

    Key Natural Ingredients

    • Birch Essential Oil – reduces the feeling of inflammation and discomfort
    • Eucalyptus Essential Oil – decreases the feeling of inflammation, makes skin and muscles feel soothed and relaxed
    • Rosemary Essential Oil – promotes a revitalized feel to skin, muscles and joints
    • Wintergreen Essential Oil – lends a warming sensation to skin and muscles

      For bathing, add 25-30 drops into warm bath and soak for 20 minutes.

      For topical application, massage 10-15 drops into muscles and joints.

      Other Ways to Enjoy Analgesic Bath & Body Oil

      Analgesic Bath & Body Oil Sports Recovery Massage

      What You Need:

      • Analgesic Bath & Body Oil
      • Foam roller or massage balls
      • About 10-12 minutes

      Get all the benefits of working out and keeping an active lifestyle without the down time by incorporating a few easy and beneficial rituals into your post workout care.

      Analgesic Bath & Body Oil is a natural and effective option to prep the body before a sports massage (or self-massage) by promoting the healthy blood flow that’s essential to muscle recovery.

      Simply, apply Analgesic Bath & Body Oil directly to areas of discomfort before taking a recovery bath, or using a foam roller or massage balls to warm and loosen up tight muscles.

      After Sports Recovery Bath Ritual

      What You Need:

      • Bath tub
      • Analgesic Bath & Body Oil
      • Optional: Dead Sea Salts
      • About 20-30 minutes

      Step 1: After a hard workout, make sure to spend some time hydrating to help your body recover

      Step 2: Draw a warm – not hot –bath to help calm and relax the mind and body

      Step 3: Add 25-30 drops of Analgesic Bath & Body Oil into your bath water and allow the oil to mix into the water

      Step 4: For an extra nourishing boost mix in ½ cup Dead Sea Salts and swish around to dissolve

      Step 5: Ease yourself into the tub for 10-20 minutes until you feel fully relaxed and revitalized from your workout! 

      Step 6: Gently towel dry off any extra moisture and apply our Sports Balm Roll-On directly to sore areas. This will add an extra boost to diminish discomfort and get you ready to take on the rest of your day with positivity and maximum wellness in mind! 

      Crunched for time?

      If you are in a time crunch, take 10-15 drops of Analgesic Bath and Body Oil and apply it to the solar plexus of your back, and directly to areas of concern after a warm shower to allow deeper penetration of the Analgesic properties through your skin to the nerve center. 

      You could also stop here, but why? Continue on for some awesome tips for feet reflexology, perfect after a long day standing on your feet or whenever you need to release the feeling of tension.

      Analgesic Sore Feet Ritual

      Reflexology for the feet can help to improve circulation, balance energy levels, reduce stress and tension and boost the body’s natural healing processes.

      Your feet take a lot of wear and tear, so taking a few moments to show them some love can offer big benefits for your physical and emotional state. Give this foot massage a try anytime your feet could use some TLC.

      What You Need:

      • Analgesic Bath & Body Oil
      • Your hands and feet (or get a partner to help!)
      • Optional: Tennis balls or massage balls
      • About 10 minutes

      Step 1: Apply 10-15 drops of Analgesic Bath & Body Oil into the palm of your hands and then massage oil gently into the balls of the feet, under the ball of the foot in the center, outer ridge of the big toes and outer pad of the feet near the arch to help relieve tension.

      Don’t forget the tops of the feet and ankles too.

      Step 2: Next, work on getting your feet into a relaxed state by applying pressure to the feet. You can use tennis balls to gently massage feet or just use your hands to gently squeeze and release.

      Take about 5 minutes to prepare the feet.

      Step 3: Press and hold your thumb on the solar plexus point of the foot, found in the hollow of the ball of the foot in line with the second toe.

      Hold this for about 30 seconds.

      Step 4: Then try “walking” your thumbs by pressing alternating thumbs starting from the base of your help to the tip of your toes, focusing on areas of particular soreness.

      Step 5: Do several passes of the techniques outlined in steps 3 and 4 then finish off with another full foot massage by rolling feet over a tennis ball. 

      Step 6: Put on a pair of socks when you are done to enjoy the cooling effect of the Analgesic oil on the feet and to avoid slipping. 

      Click here for more ideas how you can use feet reflexology and aromatherapy to help with issues such as sleep, digestion and much more.

      carthamus tinctorius (hi-oleic safflower) seed oil, mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf oil, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, gaultheria procumbens (wintergreen) oil, methyl salicylate (birch) oil (betula lenta), eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) oil, camellia oleifera (camellia) seed oil, prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba gold) seed oil, tocopherol (natural vitamin e), and proprietary essential oil blend

      Analgesic Bath & Body Oil Ingredient Spotlight

      Birch Essential Oil

      With its intense, woodsy-sweet scent and many health benefits, Birch Essential Oil has been used for hundreds of years in natural and traditional medicine.

      It is a key component of the special blend of oils that give Analgesic Bath & Body Oil its ability to soothe sore, tired muscled and joints, and amplify the benefits of keeping an active lifestyle.

      When used in a natural sports balm or body oil, like Analgesic, Birch oil reduces the feeling of inflammation and discomfort associated with physical labor, arthritis, and fatigue. Birch oil is also a natural stimulant, offering an emotional pick-me-up after a long, tiring day. 

      Peppermint Essential Oil

      Peppermint oil is one of the most popular oils in aromatherapy due to its many benefits for the mind, body, and general wellness.

      Here, it assists with post-workout/manual labor recovery by physically cooling down the body and encouraging deep, energetic breathing.

      Peppermint is also a great addition for Analgesic Bath and Body Oil by helping diminish the feeling of inflammation and muscle and joint tightness, while serving as a natural mood enhancer when inhaled during body care aromatherapy.

      Rosemary Essential Oil

      Another key natural ingredient in our exclusive Analgesic essential oil blend is Rosemary. A very stimulating essential oil, Rosemary encourages healthy circulation that helps support the body’s natural ability to recover after hard, physical work and even illness.

      For topical use as well as use in the bath Rosemary promotes a revitalized feel to the mind and body, and can even spark your creative side, allowing you to make the most of all those natural endorphins after working out. 

      Organic Jojoba Gold Oil

      Our organic, cold pressed Jojoba Gold Oil nourishes and hydrates the skin while protecting the pH balance of the skin barrier.

      Used mainly as a carrier oil to support the use of our Analgesic essential oil blend topically on the body or mixed into a relaxing, therapeutic bath.

      Additionally, Jojoba closely matches the oils naturally produced by the body and when used in skin care and body products it won’t irritate or clog pores.  

      Analgesic Natural Bath & Body Oil For When You Have Sore Muscles & Joints
      Natural Botanical and Essential Oil Blend for Sore Muscles and Joint. Use directly on your body or in a bath.

      Customer Reviews

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      Really great for pain and my relaxation

      Tracey H.
      Love all of the products

      I have really bad headaches and this blend of essential oils really help when mixed with a hot bath!

      Tracey H.
      Best addition to my bath for a headache

      I get headaches due to barometric pressure changes and stress, this helps so much and I love that I don't have to take any pain reliever!

      Janet C.
      Product On Which I Can Depend

      I maintain my professional confidence with my skills and the products I use. I can depend on the outcome when I use these oils for the issues that are brought to the table.

      Leslie S.
      Perfect post work out

      Beautifully relieves soreness after hard work outs.