Why Is My Skin So Dry in the Summer?

Four Factors Giving You Dry Skin and How to Prevent It

Dry skin is most often associated with the cooler winter months, as lowering temperatures, icy high winds and low humidity can do a number on your complexion. But many people also struggle to keep their skin hydrated, even in the midst of steamy summer humidity.

Think of all the time you spend outdoors and on-the-go during the summer time can. These external factors can easily cause your skin to become dry or dehydrated. While summer is generally easier on dry skin than winter, the sunshine, swimming, and sweating associated with the season can quickly take their toll, and the last thing you want during swimsuit season is dry, flaky skin.

To keep your skin smooth and glowing all summer long, it’s important to understand why the skin gets parched and ready yourself with proven tips and tricks on how to moisturize more effectively.

1. Sun Exposure

Wide Brim Hat to Limit Sun Exposure

When it warms up outside, it’s only natural to want to bask in the sun’s comforting warm rays. The risk comes when your casual sunbathing turns into a nasty sunburn. Not to mention the long-term effects of sun damage, the short-term effects include inflammation, sensitivity, tightness and excessive dryness. Then after a few days, once the skin starts to peel, the skin become flaky, dehydrated and susceptible to additional damage. 

To prevent this cycle of damage to your skin, keep your sunbathing to a minimum, and when you do choose to lie out in the sun, be extra vigilant about applying and reapplying sunscreen throughout the day to prevent burning. 

And, when you do get a burn, use calming and moisturizing products as soon as possible. A cooling facial mask, made with natural skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera and cucumber provide a major dose of nurturing properties that will help to replenish lost moisture and fortify the skin. The great thing about a mask is it works quickly to bring much-needed relief. 

2. Swimming

Water droplets on Skin

You know that feeling when you step out of a shower and your skin immediately tightens? That same thing happens each time you wade in and out of a pool, lake, ocean or any body of water. It may seem counterintuitive that water could be drying out your skin, but chances are it’s not helping lock in the moisture your skin needs to feel and look its best. Hot water, chlorine and even salt water, with all its minerals, can quickly strip the skin of necessary oils and draw hydration out of skin cells.

We think it is silly to forgo something that you truly love like swimming. It’s great exercise and the comforting feeling of floating can help to ease stress and tension. The key to caring for the skin is to moisturize the skin after taking a dip, no matter how short.

Try carrying a moisturizing body spray in your pool or beach bag. It is an easy and effective way to give the skin a shot of hydration and provide a protective barrier against moisture loss.

3. Shaving

Pink Shaving razors

If you’re someone who prefers to remain clean-shaven in the summer, you know how annoying and time-consuming shaving can be. Not only can it irritate your skin, but it can also lead to dryness.

Keep irritation and dryness to a minimum by frequently replacing your razor head and using a moisturizing shaving cream. To further protect the skin from sensitivity, always shave in the direction your hair naturally grows, rather than shaving against the grain. Just the thought of that gives us the chills.

We are also big fans of exfoliating with a gentle and hydrating face or body scrub before shaving. It preps the skin and hair for a smoother shave. Follow up with a moisturizer or non-drying after shave to calm and comfort the skin.  

4. Air Conditioning

It’s hard to resist the soothing sanctuary that is an air-conditioned home in summertime. Although it feels great in the heat of summer, resist cranking your thermostat as low as it can go. Because your air conditioner reduces humidity levels (that’s literally part of its job), it can also dry out your skin. 

And a bonus, think of all the money you could save on your electricity bill!

The Bottom Line

Happy Lady Washing Face

Let’s face it: we will never suggest skipping fun summer activities just to keep your skin in check. That is, unless you’re dealing with a really serious skin condition or extreme dehydration. 

In general these three tips are great reminders of how to keep your skin in tip-top shape:

  • Be mindful of the amount of time you do spend outside
  • Make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated
  • Moisturize your face and body frequently, especially after getting wet or spending time outdoors.

Not only will following these steps help your skin feel better, but they will help it look better too.

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