The Source Vital Team Reveals Their Favorite Gifts For the Holiday Season

Sophia, Product Development

My FAVORITE gift to give people are our First Aid Oil: People everywhere need this, and some may not even know that they need it. I use this stuff on everything, bruises, bites, burns (happens all the time around this time of year with all the cooking), ESPECIALLY if they have children. This stuff is GOLD. My favorite gift to give myself is SV23 and Clear Skin Cream because I like to keep my skin clear while keeping those wrinkles away!!! 

Kathy, General Manager

I love our assortment of roll-ons for stocking stuffers and matching them to the people on my gift list. I also like giving body wash and body lotion combos. Everyone uses body wash and lotion! My favorite combination lately is Stress Relief Body Wash and Vanilla Orange Body Lotion. Good for people that you don’t know much about. Additionally, our Evergreen Essential Oil Blend is perfect for those of us not buying real Christmas trees.

Fran, Aromatherapist

I like to make my own little Remedy Kit- Allevia Natural Elixir, Breathe Easy Elixir, and Euphoria Natural Elixir. It’s good introduction to managing minor issues like headache, colds, and stress at home. Also, If they are into sports, or workout, I would definitely recommend our After Workout Kit. It contains our Deozein Natural Deodorant, Peppermint Body Wash, Sports Balm, and After Workout Multispray.

Somaiyeh, Production

First Aid Oil - I would give First Aid Oil to my loved ones because I want them to recover faster when they get injured.

Britney, Production

My favorite holiday gift to give this year is our Vanilla Orange Body Lotion. It smells amazing! I think it would be a gift everyone would love. Also a great gift for any gender and age.

Laura, Production

I love to give gifts that I know everyone would like! That's why I think our multisprays are a great option for anyone. Tranquil Multispray is my personal favorite because it smells divine.  Who doesn’t want to make their surroundings smell good and bring a sense of calm, especially during such stressful times as the holidays?

Evelyn, Sales

I enjoy giving a combination of our First Aid Oil, Merecul MultiLotion, Analgesic Bath & Body Oil and Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend. I enjoy creating a “first aid cabinet “of pure, hardworking ingredients to ease pain and tension in everyday life. 

Michelle, Project Strategy

One of my many favorites is gifting one of our customized products -- facial cocktail, bath salts, and beard oils. They allow you to pick and choose ingredients specific to that special person plus you get to personalize the label! 

Dewayne, Product Maker

My favorite gifts to give are our Algae Deep Cleanse and Algae Deep Scrub-mainly because they are some of my personal favorites, and they really help to exfoliate and reveal your best skin. 

We hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about our team and the products we’ll be gifting this holiday season! What are your Source Vital Must-haves? Let us know in the comments!

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