Recapping 2016: Our Top 10 Best Sellers

As we countdown toward the New Year and we welcome in (hopefully) a more positive 2017, we thought we would share our most popular and best selling products of 2016. The products span across all our natural product categories (skin, bath & body, personal care, and aromatherapy). They include some of our 'old reliables' that we've sold for years, plus a few new products that we launched in 2016. Enjoy.

#1 Deozein Natural Deodorant

Deozein Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant from Source Vital Apothecary

For more than a decade now, our most popular product is the natural deodorant spray, called Deozein. We have 2 scents, Original (Woodsy/Patchouli) and Zest (Citrus, launched in 2015). Our Deozein deodorants are aluminum free and work for both men and women. (NOTE: Be on the lookout in 2017 for our Deozein Roll-ons)

#2 Algae Deep Cleanse

Algae Deep Cleanse from Source Vital Apothecary

This deep pore facial cleanser fuses seaweeds, vitamin e, and lavender and peppermint essential oils, among others, to create an active formula that leaves your skin clean and revitalized.

#3 Lavender Cleanser

Natural Lavender Facial Cleanser from Source Vital Apothecary

Formulated especially for dry and sensitive skin types, this botanical face wash mixes lavender essential oil, aloe vera and safflower oil to create this 5-star cleanser.

#4 Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil from Source Vital Apothecary

One of the most popular and versatile oils on the market is also our most popular. Non-toxic, non-irritating, it is safe for all skin types and has a nearly endless list of uses and benefits.

#5 Soothing Cream

Soothing Cream from Source Vital Apothecary

Our most popular face cream is made with Lavender, Immortelle and Chamomile essential oils, plus seaweed, aloe vera and hemp seed. The rich, velvety feel hydrates, calms and protects skins against environmental damage.

#6 Analgesic Bath & Body Oil

Analgesic Bath & Body Oil for Sore Muscles from Source Vital Apothecary

Drop it in the bath or rub it on sore muscles. Our most popular bath & body oil uses a medley of essential oils to give the feeling of cool relief to aches and pains.

#7 Algae Serum

Algae Face Serums by Source Vital Apothecary

There is nothing like an intensive facial serum to turn skin issues around, and our Algae Serums pack a powerful dose of the most skin-nutritious extracts on earth. Algae Serum comes in 3 scents: Neroli, Rose and Jasmine.

#8 Rosemary Citrus Body Wash

Rosemary Citrus, SLS/SLES-Free Body Wash from Source Vital Apothecary

Our newly reformulated body washes have been super popular and Rosemary Citrus leads the pack. It's SLS/SLES free and combines orange, tangerine, and rosemary to pack an energizing and invigorating feel in the shower.

#9 Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar Cleansing Water, Eye-Makeup Remover from Source Vital Apothecary

We replaced our Eye Makeup Remover with Micellar Water in early 2016 and never looked back. Cracking the top 10 shows the power and popularity of this gentle, non-greasy, all-natural makeup remover and face cleanser.

#10 Lavender Body Lotion

Natural Lavender Body Lotion from Source Vital Apothecary

Our customers also loved our reformulated body lotions. None was more popular in 2016 than Lavender Body Lotion. Infused with natural 100% pure Lavender essential oil, seaweed and shea butter, it's easy to see why this is our best selling body moisturizer.

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