Ingredient Spotlight: Chlorella

In the domain of skincare and wellness, there's a natural gem that often flies under the radar, despite its incredible benefits. Chlorella is a tiny single-celled green algae that contains an ability to nourish the skin and promote health, making it a standout ingredient in the realm of skincare and wellness.

Chlorella isn’t just another skincare ingredient; it is a holistic powerhouse that nourishes your skin and body.  This remarkable green algae boasts a plethora of skincare and health benefits. Let’s explore this tiny, but mighty ingredient. What it is, and how you can incorporate it into your wellness routine?

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What is Chlorella?

Chlorella is a single-cell, blue-green, freshwater algae that obtains its bright color from high amounts of chlorophyll, and uses natural sunlight to flourish. You may have heard of its cousin, the better-known algae, Spirulina. Chlorella is widely regarded as one of the Earth's oldest living organisms, dating back to over 2 billion years. It was only discovered as recently as the 1940’s. 

Chlorella is often referred to as a superfood, as it’s bursting with vitamins A, C, K, and B, as well as essential nutrients, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants. Because of its high nutritional value, it’s sought after in supplements. Although It’s quickly gained popularity as part of a healthy diet, there are also numerous properties that may benefit the skin as well. Chlorella possesses the ability to hydrate the skin, help to protect it against free-radicals, and leave the skin looking refreshed and radiant. 

What are the Benefits of Chlorella in Skincare?

Anti-Aging Properties

Chlorella is rich in antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, which helps to protect against environmental stressors and may help to reduce the signs of aging skin. These antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which contribute to deep wrinkles, fine lines, and dull skin, leaving you with a more youthful-looking, radiant complexion.

Deeply Moisturizing

Chlorella Extract has the ability to deeply hydrate the skin. Its unique molecular composition enables it to penetrate the skin’s layers deeply, leaving skin feeling moisturized and balanced. It’s an excellent option for anyone who has dry or dehydrated skin, as it helps skin retain water, ultimately leaving the skin with a supple and rejuvenated appearance.


Chlorella offers more than just hydrating and anti-aging properties. It also has the ability to improve the appearance of the skin, making it look brighter and more even-toned. Chlorella may help to address the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots, thanks to the numerous antioxidants it possesses.  These antioxidants help to neutralize the free radicals that contribute to skin discoloration, such as dark spots. 

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What are the Benefits of Chlorella in Supplements?

Detoxification Support   

Chlorella is known for its ability to bind to heavy metals and unwanted chemicals in the body. This, in turn,  supports the body’s detoxification process. Consuming Chlorella on a regular basis may help keep the body free of harmful substances, and may provide a cleansing effect, leading to a more healthy internal environment.



High in protective and health-enhancing benefits, Chlorella has been linked to potentially boosting immunity within the body. Regular consumption has been shown to help regulate the immune system, more effectively warding off infection and illnesses. 

Improves Gut Health

Chlorella may also be beneficial for the  gastrointestinal tract. Its high fiber content may help prevent constipation and regulate the gut environment, while its nutrient makeup and potential anti-inflammatory effects may help the body maintain healthy digestion practices.

Promotes Energy and Vitality

For those needing an energy boost, or long-lasting stamina, Chlorella may also be beneficial. It may help to reduce feelings of fatigue and increase energy. Chlorella is both rich in B-vitamins and iron, which promote the body’s ability to produce energy.

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