Guest Blog: How I Keep My Acne-Prone Skin Clear by Cori Scherer

As someone who exercises consistently, works as a fitness blogger, and lives in Houston where it’s always hot and humid, it’s not the easiest to keep my skin clear. I’m always on the clear skin journey and crave glowing, clear, and even skin.

I’ve tried everything from the drugstore, high-end brands, and a million products in between. My skin is something that I’ve struggled with here and there since high school – I’d breakout (most likely from trying everything under the sun and using products that were too harsh), but I never let myself find a routine that my skin agreed with. 

I’m now in my mid-late twenties and have found my staples when it comes to maintaining clear, beautiful skin. The secret isn’t a million products or anything extraordinary – It’s really just finding a few quality products being consistent with them, and keeping it at that. Less is more when it comes to my skincare!

Cori Scherer- Guest Blogger

My Skin Care Routine

The cosmetics market can be insanely overwhelming with products, tips, and home remedies. Believe me … I’ve almost tried them all! Here are my must-have products and skincare tips for keeping my skin clear as we move into the summer.

Like I said, less is more. I make sure to cleanse, tone, and moisturize every single night. No ifs, ands, or buts. I NEVER go to sleep with makeup on, no matter how late of a night I may have had. You have to go to sleep with a clean and hydrated canvas.

Morning Regimen

OK, starting with my morning – I splash my face with cool water, use a lightweight rosewater toner, moisturize, and use a sunscreen with SPF 40. My favorites are a gentle, botanical toner made with witch hazel and rosewater, a lightweight moisturizer, and Elta MD tinted sunscreen (it looks like you have a little makeup on, so that’s one of my secrets)!

That’s it. Not a ton of steps, and it takes me only a minute or two.

Bedtime Regimen

At night, I always remove my makeup. MAJOR KEY. I usually use a cleansing oil (you can use any brand) and a hot washcloth to remove my face and eye makeup.  I’ll then go in with a gentle facial cleanser like Source Vitál Apothecary's Lavender Cleanser for dry skin or Lemon Gel Cleanser for oily, congested skin types.

If you’re wearing makeup, I highly recommend double cleansing – Cleanse once to remove the makeup and then once more to get a more thorough skin cleansing. Hint: the best way to make your pores appear smaller is to make sure they are nice and clean!

Cori Scherer skin care regimen

After I cleanse the skin I’ll use my botanical toner and follow with my Source Vital Customized Facial Cocktail – I love this stuff. You can customize it according to what your skin needs, so it’s far from a “one size fits all” product approach like most others that you’ll find over the counter.

The best part about this serum is that you’re cutting out time, products, and money from your skincare routine. You can combine 3-4 steps into one with this serum, so it’s really a win-win with me!

My skin is sensitive, acne-prone, and a little dry, so I went with Neroli oil for my base and a Toning Infusion to even out my skin tone and add firmness.

That’s it for my everyday routine.

Don't Forget to Mask!

I’ll use a few masks throughout the week to enhance my skincare – And these make all the difference. Without using a mask, my skin can start to feel a little “blah”.

My favorite is the Source Vitál Apothecary Clay Mask

Clay Mask by Source Vital

The combination of natural bentonite and green French clay keeps my acne at bay and is perfect for congested skin (HELLO, workouts)! This mask is my all-time favorite because it reduces acne but also soothes the skin with Tea Tree, Geranium, and Rosemary essential oils. The perfect combination!

My skin’s been pretty happy with these products and my simplified routine.  Everyone’s skin is different, but I’ve found that this routine of products are perfect for my sensitive, congested, and acne-prone skin. So, if you're skin is causing you headaches, try to streamline your protocol – keeping it simple is a great option for everyone!   

Cheers to clear skin! 

About Guest Blogger Cori Scherer

Cori is a twenty-something, Houstonian who's out here to help women (and men) be the best version of themselves. She believes in living a balanced life and strives to inspire others to accept and love the skin they're in while choosing to keep it healthy, happy, and in shape. 

Cori is also the co-founder of the "Find Your Sweat" movement, which inspires women to try new workouts, engage with one another, and support each other through the good and bad times of life.  

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