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We recently teamed up with Taylor from Blonde & Ambitious to customize a fall facial routine just for her.

As a new mom, we wanted to offer a skin care routine that was effective for her specific skin type and easy enough to fit into her busy day, while also giving her an opportunity to pamper herself with some all-natural self-care.

Read on to learn all the details about how Taylor is prepping her skin for winter with Source Vitál Apothecary and find out how you can create your own at-home facial.

Source Vitál At-Home Facial

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“This brand [Source Vitál Apothecary] is one that I’ve loved and used for about 3 years now on and off. I’m always trying new face products, of course, but this is one I consistently come back to. I met the team at BeautyCon two and a half years ago and we’ve built an awesome relationship!!
- Taylor from Blonde & Ambitious

For Taylor’s fall facial we worked with Taylor to select products formulated to improve the look and feel of oily skin types.

The emphasis is all about keeping the skin healthy during seasonal changes and to help the skin naturally balance the look of oil production, prevent any dryness and breakouts.

For more recommendations for other skin types, skip to the end of this post.

Oily Skin Fall Facial Recommendations:

Pre-Facial Set Up

Treat your at-home facial like a visit to one of your favorite day spas. This means taking a little extra time to prepare your space and engage all of your senses to receive the amazing benefits that come with self-care.

Begin by diffusing or taking in a few deep breathes of an aromatherapeutic essential oil blend. For the fall, there is nothing better than Seasons Essential Oil Blend.

We like to describe Seasons as your “not so basic” pumpkin spice substitute. Reminiscent of baking during the holidays, this essential oil blend evokes the “happy” comforting scents of the season, like cinnamon, nutmeg and tangerine without being too trendy.

“The Seasons Essential Oil Blend is one of the yummiest things I've ever smelled.”
- Taylor from Blonde & Ambitious

Light some candles, put on some soothing music and “fall” in love with the feeling of taking care of your mind, body and spirit.

Taylor’s Fabulous Fall Facial

fall facial for oily skin by source vital apothecaryPhoto Credit: Blonde & Ambitious Blog

The following excerpts originally appeared as sponsored content in collaboration with Blonde & Ambitious, and featured as a Monthly Obsession on the Blonde & Ambitious blog and @blondeandambitiousblog Instagram

“These natural products are made from scratch using holistic ingredients sourced naturally from the earth. I love that I can feel REALY good about what I’m putting on my skin when I use this brand,”
- Taylor from Blonde & Ambitious

As far as this at-home facial – here are the steps I’ve been doing to prep my skin for winter:
  1. Cleanse the skin with Micellar Cleansing Water. This one is made with algae extract and Lavandin essential oil which makes it perfect for all skin types AND for removing eye makeup.
  2. Follow up with this Lemon Gel Cleanser (perfect for those of your with oily, acne-prone skin). It has ingredients that purify and soften the skin, reduce the look of clogged pores and prevent inflammation.
  3. Next, exfoliation! I like to use the Algae Deep Scrub for this. It helps decongest my pores and promotes healthy blood flow to the skin. I use it twice a week.
  4. For a quick spot treatment on blemishes, I use the Aroma Peel. It’s like a super gentle chemical peel [alternative] and it makes your skin feel baby soft.
  5. Post-exfoliation, I tone. I use the Aromatic Emulsion Balance spray for this. It’s hydrating and super lightweight.
  6. The facial mask comes next – and since I have oily skin and lots of breakouts, I use the Charcoal Clay mask. It has activated charcoal, bentonite and French green clay. It also has hyaluronic acid to promote hydration and prevent redness.
  7. To finish up, I do a few pumps of the Night Repair Cream. I use this during the day, too, because it’s definitely light enough for that. It isn’t greasy at all! 
    When I travel, I like to do some of these things all in one, so I bring along my [Customized] Facial Cocktail. This is a customized serum that mixes several steps in one and you get to choose all the ingredients that go in it based on your exact skin type and issues. I only need to use it once a day with the night repair cream on top.

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    How to Customize an At-Home Facial for Your Skin Type

    For an effective fall-to-winter facial, you will want to be mindful about using products that will not overly dry the skin. As the weather drops from cool to cold, the skin will need extra moisture and protection from the elements.

    By keeping the skin healthy now, it will be better fortified against any ill effects from Ol’ Jack Frost.

    Dry Skin Fall Facial Recommendations:

    Aging & Mature Skin Fall Facial Recommendations:

    Normal & Non-Problematic Skin Fall Facial Recommendations:

    Sensitive Skin Fall Facial Recommendations:

    Combination Skin Fall Facial Recommendations:

    For more detailed recommendations for your skin, DM us on Instagram @source_vital, send us an email at sales@sourcevital.com or give us a call at 800.880.6457.

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