Blue Tansy: The Sapphire-Hued Hero Essential Oil

If you walked the skincare shelves of your local cosmetics chain recently, you’ve probably encountered creams, oils, and tinctures all tinted a vibrant blue color. Blue Tansy Essential Oil (tanacetum annuum) has gained popularity over the last few years and for good reason. The rich, deep blue-colored essential oil has a complex, yet, sweet scent, making it stand out among the rest.

The Blue Tansy flower is actually part of the Chamomile family, and its yellow flowers and stems are harvested from Morocco. Once distilled, a compound, called Chamazulene is released, a powerful antioxidant also responsible for this oil’s signature blue shade. Blue Tansy should not be confused with Tansy oil (tanacetum vulgare), which has toxic properties and should never be used as aromatherapy.

Beyond the vibrant indigo color, there are numerous benefits to using this essential oil. Here’s why Blue Tansy essential oil is the sapphire-hued hero everyone needs in their medicine cabinet.

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Benefits of Blue Tansy Essential Oil


Blue Tansy Essential Oil has been used for centuries to soothe the appearance of swollen, red, and uncomfortable skin. The compounds, Chamazulene and Camphor, when diluted were applied to the skin.  
Blue Tansy is a pillar of our First Aid Collection. Our First Aid Oil is an undiluted, pure essential oil blend that naturally soothes, calms, and cools the skin. It’s beneficial for skin ailments such as insect bites, burns, bruises, and other minor irritations. Try our First Aid Spray or First Aid Cream for larger areas in need of relief. The First Aid Oil blend is in both our spray and cream.
Products that contain Blue Tansy are commonly used to help the appearance of dry, chapped skin, and calm redness. This oil will give the skin a more balanced look and feel. The soothing properties of Blue Tansy may also help to improve the appearance of a weakened skin barrier. Over time, your skin will look smoother, healthy, and more radiant.
Our Soothing Infusion and Soothing Cream are must-haves for anyone in need of calm skin. Our Soothing Infusion and cream contain essential oils that help balance, protect, and strengthen the appearance of the skin. The result? A complexion that is left looking even-toned and feeling super soft. Both products contain a light, fresh scent that instills a sense of peace and tranquility in the spirit.

Promotes Feelings of Relaxation

The color and scent of Blue Tansy seemingly beg us to take a deep breath and calm down. Blue Tansy contains high amounts of Camphor, which may have a calming effect when inhaled. It’s often used in aromatherapy practices to help you feel grounded when stressed or relaxed at bedtime.

You can try diffusing Blue Tansy in your home, or slowly inhaling from the bottle whenever you feel the need to unwind. You’ll also find Blue Tansy as an ingredient in our collection of Tranquil products. Our Tranquil Multispray is a great option to spritz on your linens or yoga mat, while our Tranquil Inhaler is perfect if you need a dose of calm on the go. You may also combine a few drops of Tranquil Essential Oil Blend with our Body Lotion Unscented for a great way to stay both relaxed and hydrated.

Helps Reduce Feelings of Anger

From an emotional perspective, Blue Tansy Essential Oil has a unique ability to help relieve irritation and feelings of anger. When used in aromatherapy Blue Tansy may help release the emotions of rage and frustration that may make us feel stuck. It also may help boost more positive feelings when diffused or inhaled.

If you’re feeling as though your emotions aren’t exactly harmonious, reaching for a product that contains Blue Tansy Essential Oil may help. Our Balance Multispray can help to uplift your mood, dispel feelings of negativity, and make you feel more grounded. Give our Balance Roll-On a try for a more portable option to help keep your feelings in check.

What are your favorite ways to use Blue Tansy Essential Oil? Let us know in the comments!

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