Celebrating 30 Years with the 1989 Collection

In 1989 Jerry Pope and Brea Gratia set out to create a naturally effective, holistic product line based on the nourishment of marine algae, whole plant botanicals and essential oils.

At the time there were far fewer natural options on the market, and even less that could offer real results.

So, Source Vitál was born, with the goal to provide natural products of integrity for the skin, body, mind and spirit. By turning to the Earth’s source of healing elements, we hoped to help influence others to live a more healthy and peaceful life, and to pass it on to those they interact with in their daily lives.

These principles have guided us for 30 years now. They have helped us grow from a single eye cream, created in Jerry and Brea’s kitchen, into a healthy and vibrant family-run business, encouraged by the decades of friendship we’ve established with our many loyal customers.

1989 Collection of natural products by Source Vital

In celebration of our 30th Anniversary, Source Vitál is pleased to present our 1989 Collection. A 7-product, limited-time selection of skin, body, and aromatherapy products inspired by products form the 90’s, and special, unreleased formulas.

Nostalgic yet timeless, the 1989 Collection is a celebration of our origins and the journey ahead.

We’ve got more plans to celebrate turning the big 3-0, stay tuned for more details! For now, go back to 1989 and explore the beautiful scents and textures of this special line.

Meet the 1989 Collection

Camellia Rose Body Lotion

Camellia Rose Body Lotion by Source Vital

This body lotion utilizes an essential oil bathing blend from the Source Vitál archives called Ritual Rose. Not only does it smell amazing, but this moisturizer nourishes and hydrates your skin with rich Shea Butter, Red and Brown Algae, and nourishing Camellia, Abyssinian, and Argan oils.

Rose Patchouli Body Wash

1989 Collection Rose Patchouli Body Wash by Source Vital Apothecary

Reminiscent of one of our original body wash scents (Rosewood & Patchouli) this body cleanser couples two beautiful essential oils for a rejuvenating and balancing shower or bath.

MerGel Multipurpose Face Lotion

MerGel Multipurpose Facial Product by Source Vital

Inspired by Mar Gelata, a retired product from the 1990s, this multipurpose facial treatment product is a serum, leave-on mask, and moisturizer. MerGel is loaded with Algae, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea, Sea Buckthorn, and Essential Oils.

Reflections Essential Oil Diffusion Blend

Reflection Diffuser Blend by Source Vital Apothecary

From the archives of Source Vitál’s unreleased essential oil blends, Reflections takes us back to positive memories using Bergamot, Ho Wood, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and others. The perfect blend to create a peaceful, uplifting environment.

Natural Fragrances

Natural Essential Oil Fragrances

Dude Natural Cologne (Roll-on)
Formulated and code named by founder Jerry Pope years ago, but never released. He expertly blended Lime, Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Cedarwood for a unique masculine scent.

Seduction Natural Perfume (Roll-on)
Our original natural perfume in easy-to-apply, roll-on form. Beautifully formulated blending Sandalwood, Jasmine, and Vetiver. Everyone will be asking “what are you wearing?”

Origin Natural Perfume (Roll-on)
From the Source Vitál archives, this previously unreleased oil blend makes for a perfect new perfume, blending Lavender and Patchouli with the precious oils of Rose and Neroli.

Shop the 1989 Collection today by clicking here. Have a great story about your journey with Source Vitál? Email us at web@sourcevital.com and we may feature it as a part of our 1989 retrospective.

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