The Skin-Revitalizing Marvel: The Benefits of Exfoliating for a Glowing You

Exfoliating is a simple yet powerful skincare practice that has been implemented for centuries. Dating back to ancient civilizations, this transformative beauty ritual involves removing dead skin cells from the surface, allowing the radiant, healthier skin beneath to shine. Whether you exfoliate your face or body, this process offers a plethora of benefits that promote a youthful, rejuvenated appearance. While exfoliation can work wonders for your skin, it's essential to proceed with caution to avoid overdoing it and causing potential harm.

What are the Benefits of Exfoliation?

Enhanced Skin Texture

One of the primary benefits of exfoliating is its ability to improve the skin's texture. By sloughing away dead skin cells, the surface becomes smoother, reducing the appearance of rough patches and bumps. This refinement can also help create a more even skin tone.

Increased Cell Turnover

Exfoliation stimulates cell turnover, encouraging the growth of new, healthy skin cells. This process can help combat the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking more youthful and vibrant. For an alternative to harsh chemical peels, give our Aroma Peel a try. Aroma Peel features a concentrated blend of pure, undiluted essential oils that work to eliminate dead skin cells and diminish the look of congestion, and lackluster skin. The result is a complexion that appears smoother, revitalized, and restored. Simply apply 15 drops to the face and neck area. Massage gently for 3 minutes. Rub vigorously with soft facial gauze or textured washcloth. 

Deep Cleansing

Exfoliating removes dirt, excess oil, and other impurities that may clog your pores. This deep cleansing action helps prevent acne breakouts and can be especially beneficial for those with oily or acne-prone skin. Our favorite way to get a deep cleanse? With our Algae Deep Scrub. Simply apply to clean skin using wet fingertips. Gently massage into a lather without scrubbing too vigorously. Thoroughly rinse with water, and avoid getting into the eyes.

Improved Absorption of Skincare Products

When dead skin cells are removed, it allows skincare products, such as serums and moisturizers, to penetrate deeper into the skin. This maximizes the effectiveness of your skincare routine and ensures your skin receives the full benefits of the products you use.

Glowing Complexion

Exfoliating promotes a healthy, radiant complexion by revealing fresh, luminous skin. This natural glow is a sought-after result of regular exfoliation. To visibly improve the look and feel of your complexion, consider using our Silt Scrub. This facial scrub contains colloidal freshwater silt, volcanic-derived micro exfoliants, bentonite clay, and coconut-derived activated charcoal combined to give skin a renewed appearance.

Woman applying aroma peel to cotton pad before applying to the face

Cautions and Considerations

While exfoliating can be incredibly beneficial, it's essential to approach the practice with care.


The frequency of exfoliation depends on your skin type. For most people, exfoliating two to three times per week is sufficient. However, individuals with sensitive skin should exfoliate less often to avoid irritation.

Gentle Exfoliation

Be cautious not to be too aggressive with exfoliation, as excessive scrubbing can damage the skin's protective barrier and cause redness or inflammation.

Avoid Sensitive Areas

When exfoliating, steer clear of delicate areas such as the eyes or any open wounds, as these areas are more susceptible to damage.

Exfoliating the Body vs. the Face

The skin on our face and body have distinct characteristics, approaching exfoliation slightly different. For skin on the face, use gentler exfoliants with finer particles or chemical exfoliants. For the body, you may find that body exfoliants may have coarser particles or be in the form of scrubs to tackle tougher skin. If you’re looking for an exfoliant that you can use on the face and body, consider our Fango Scrub. Unlike other harsh scrubs, Fango features ultra-fine particles that won't tear the skin or cause redness and irritations. It is gentle enough to use on the face, while also working as an effective scrub to smooth away rough skin texture on the rest of the body too.  

It's generally safe to exfoliate the body more frequently than the face, such as every other day or a few times per week. It’s a good idea to focus on rough areas like elbows, knees, and feet, where dead skin tends to accumulate. Many body scrubs are too abrasive on the skin, leading to irritation and dryness. For a gentle, nourishing alternative, explore our collection of Body Scrubs. Our formulas start with a creamy lotion base designed to cleanse and comfort the most delicate of skins. To that base, we add gentle, yet effective, natural exfoliant particles and essential oils. Try our Lavender Body Scrub for a dose of calm, Lemongrass Body Scrub to uplift your senses, or our Mint Body Scrub for an energizing experience. 

Exfoliating is undoubtedly a game-changer in the world of skincare, offering an array of benefits for a revitalized and radiant appearance. By incorporating this simple practice into your skincare routine, you can enjoy smoother, glowing skin and address various skin concerns. 

Just remember, moderation and attention to your skin's needs are key to achieving the best results and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin for the long term.

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