10 Ways to Keep Your Healthy New Year's Resolutions

2016 has just arrived, making it the opportune time to gather your motivation and start out the new year healthy and, ultimately, happy. Follow these 10 tips to help maintain your healthy New Year’s resolution! The benefits always outweigh the cost! 
  1. Write down your resolution! Creating a tangible, written copy of your goal helps convince you that your goal is physical and, therefore, something to be achieved. Plus, there is no forgetting exactly what your goal originally was along the journey of building a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Be realistic! If you have a New Year’s resolution that is larger than life, understand that big goals take a considerable amount of time and patience to achieve. They will be accomplished with smaller steps along the way. You can’t rush perfection!
  3. Make small changes. Start by making small tweaks to your daily routine. If your resolution is to become more physically active, avoid burnout by transitioning extra physical activity into your routine instead of pushing yourself to the limit in month one.
  4. Harness the power of positive language. Being healthful not only includes the body, but also the mind. Put aside negative, self-deprecating thoughts during this time of transition. Focus on how incorporating healthy choices in your life makes you feel. You’ll notice these choices make you feel great!
  5. Stretch and hydrate. In addition to the healthy changes you’re making, take the time to prep your body. Stretching loosens your muscles, which prevents injury. Staying properly hydrated can combat fatigue.
  6. Make it fun! Find new, exciting ways to stay physical and eat healthy. Whether it’s trying out a kickboxing class or taking on a new low-calorie and high-fiber recipe for dinner, consider mixing things up to make accomplishing your goal all the more fun!
  7. Build a support system! Tell your friends and family about your resolution. Including your loved ones in on your goals will ensure that quitting is not an option! And it isn’t! You’re in it to win it. Ask friends to tag along with you on your next cardio-powered workout session for a little friendly competition.
  8. Stand more and sit less. On average, standing burns more calories and involves more muscular contraction than sitting. If you find yourself sitting far too long at your work desk, take a brief walk. Moving more during the workday can avoid the development of sore muscles, which can have adverse effects on your daily workout.
  9. Be mindful of your skin. If you find yourself outside more often this year participating in physical activities, such as biking, hiking and running, don’t forget to wear sunscreen and cover up. The sting from sun-damaged, burned skin can prevent you from carrying on with your daily routine. If you find yourself suffering this ailment, consider our After Sun Soother to cool sunburned, chapped and irritated skin.
  10. Review and celebrate! Take time to reflect on the steps you have accomplished along your journey! At this point, you have worked very hard and you deserve a celebration for your effort.
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